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WP converts characters – how to turn off?

  • I cited subsection (c) [left paren, c, right paren] of a statute, only to have WP “correct” that reference to the symbol ©. Is there a way to turn off this dreadful “feature?”

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  • If it’s only a few characters that do this, could you just input the ascii codes instead ?

    I suppose that would work, but it’s a bit cumbersome. Is there no way to tell WP simply to take characters at face value?

    May I suggest using the WP encoder to convert characters to codes?
    WP intelligently converts boring text into well formatted text, and like any intelligent system, has it’s blind spots, I guess. This reminds of Microsoft word, which provides some unsolicited formatting help, ever so often.

    Heck. Lets hope WP does not remind us of Word too often. 🙂

    It might be a good idea to incorporate an “encode” button on the “Quicktags” panel.

    Why? That is the correct character for copyright, after all.

    Try to read and edit long posts containing á é í ó ú à ã â with this characters converted to ASCII codes…

    Well, gee, if it’s the correct code for copyright, I guess that must mean it’s also the correct code for any other reason one might have for typing the sequence “(c).” My readers will never know what Section 18-9-204.5(c) of the Colorado Revised Statutes says, but hey, at least they’ll know that Section 18-9-204.5 is copyrighted.

    anon must have been confused, xrlq.

    That’s wp-includes/vars.php :). This will disable the texturize engine for all posts.

    When I type in a new post and include the characters, “It’s ” the blog shows “It’s”
    Is this a browser issue, or WP converting things?

    Neither, I guess. It must have to do with the character encoding used by your weblog. UTF-8 will perhaps give you the most mileage, since a lot many characters can be represented using it.
    WordPress converts the plain ‘ to a more curly ‘ which looks better. The curly ‘ is a different character from the plain jane ‘ and so it requires to be displayed properly. You can be assured it is not a browser problem, since most WordPress users use curly ‘ by default, thanks to WordPress.
    You should probably choose a character encoding and specify it in the options page.

    Hmmmm. I wrote the post in MS Word (perhaps a bad idea), then pasted into notepad, and then into WP post box.
    When I re-type the entry by hand, everything works out fine.
    Does anyone else use a different editor, then paste into WP?

    You can use some text editor that does not do any styling and saves the data as pure ascii.
    I often use notepad, or even wordpad, if that’s what you are looking for.

    just search and replace word’s curly quotes ’ to ‘

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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