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  • where do I find the wp-content/plugins directory I have looked high and low on my site and connot find this directory to upload

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  • How have you been looking? Do you have an ftp program?

    The directory is at /wp-content/plugins (starting from the directory that your blog is in, which in the case of the site in your profile is the site root).

    When I go to that directory, I’m getting:
    You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/ on this server.”


    Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    Do you know why this may be happening?

    Don’t use your web browser use an ftp program such as filezilla.

    I’m afraid I am not a tecky person whatsoever.
    I do use filezilla for transferring files between my organization and another (set up by my IT dept). I have 2 choices when I do so: 1) one folder is the company from/to which I’m transferring 2) another folder is “new FTP site”. Is this what I choose? And if so, what “address” is it that I should put in? Is it ” ” ?
    Thanks alot Jeremy (you’re probably shaking your head right now) 🙂

    Not sure how the host has the ftp setup but try for the address. If that doesn’t work then you might have to get in touch with your host to find out the proper details to put into filezilla. All hosts are different.



    It would be really wonderful if someone could provide a simple answer that non-techie people can understand. Is there really no way to just add plugins without a ton of mumbo-jumbo downloads and code and crap? If you really have to go through all these steps, the wordpress people have not really succeeded in producing a user friendly blogging method.



    This place is the particularly annoying one wp-admin/plugins.php.

    Is this some kind of joke?

    “Get More Plugins

    You can find additional plugins for your site in the WordPress plugin directory. To install a plugin you generally just need to upload the plugin file into your wp-content/plugins directory. Once a plugin is uploaded, you may activate it here.”

    And how in god’s name do you do “just” do this?



    Is this filezilla thing a necessity for users of wordpress if they want plugins? If so, why doesn’t say that at the plugins menu? Please, design a user-friendly system. Thanks



    Stylites, how did you get your WP installation on your server? Using FTP I guess? A new plugin works exactly the same, you download the wanted plugin, unzip it and use FTP to put it in the plugins folder. Then you go to the WP admin panel and activate the plugin. No “code and crap” needed.



    @ Gangleri
    Some hosts offer a service called cPanel, from which it is possible to install WordPress in about three clicks of a mouse, without needing to do any FTP’ing at all.

    Having said that, stylites if you want a WordPress system that is easier for you to use (no FTP’ing needed), you might be better off using the multi-user platform.

    The trade-off is that you don’t have as much access to the code that controls your blog, and their Terms of Service is more restrictive when it comes to advertising and other things.



    Hi Wolfieb. Yes I heard about that 🙂
    I was just trying to find out how WP was installed. I never used the web-based install, so I have no idea if it also works with plugins.



    The service doesn’t allow adding anything to the basic functionality, but does have some more widgets, etc, as standard compared to the software.

    I’ve just moved to after about nine months of using because I wanted to move to self-hosted and have more control over the ‘bones’ of the blog, but for anyone that isn’t up-to-speed with FTP’ing, and the more technical aspects of admininistering a installation, I’d say that would be a much better bet.

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    (@otto42) Admin

    If somebody cannot grasp how to use FTP, then I would seriously recommend that they stick with pre-made websites like, or MySpace, or Blogger, or Facebook, or MSN Spaces.

    Running your own website is not supposed to be “easy”. Yes, you might actually have to learn something.

    HAHA! You all must be sitting there thinking this guy is worthless if he cant use FTP.

    I think I might have discovered what happened. I just uploaded my site and oddly enough the folders don’t appear in my FTP client. No wp-content or admin!

    Yet if I log in via Godaddy’s Java client everything is there, but I can’t access any of the folders…

    I’ll post a solution when I find one… Perhaps the cause if I can determine.




    thats prolly because of the lapse in time that godaddy takes to ‘update things”, and I dont remember off hand does gd use a WWW symlink. if so, for sure if you try to find anything immediately in there, you prolly wont see it.

    ever tried to change your .htaccess on one of their boxes?

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