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[Resolved] WP-Content Renamed

  • Hi All,
    I have renamed my WP-Content Folder. But after installing BPS, I noticed that the activation message that let me know that BPS is activated is mentioning WP-Content instead of the new name that I give to the folder.
    SHOULD I consider that the files within the Renamed WP-Content Folder are NOT protected?
    I use the WP Better Security in Conjunction with the BPS and do not touch the Server Tweak part of WP-Better Security; nor do I touch the Other Tweaks. Any suggestion about How to make the 2 plugins cope and use my renamed WP-Content folder???? Thanks to assist


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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    BPS should work fine if you rename your wp-content folder. Where exactly are you seeing the “wp-content” folder name?

    Plugin Author AITpro


    What is the status of this issue? Also do not use the Server Tweaks in WP Better Security. BPS already does this and in a much more advanced and sophisticated way.

    Plugin Author AITpro



    Hi AITPro

    Not resolved and even worse

    Sorry for late contact but I was away for personal reasons

    1- WP-Contnet renamed folder has just been solved

    2- I do use BPS and BWP together. Both had been updated and I just noticed that my WP-admin page is not reachable anymore.
    I did click again on create htaccess again and went through all the basic processes for BPS

    Now I just don’t know what to do

    Headaches to get a site safe

    Thanks for your time and assistance



    Plugin Author AITpro


    Most likely the wp-admin page not being reachable/accessible is a Better WP Security issue since I see that this is s fairly common issue/problem that occurs with that plugin.

    Also it appears that some things have changed in Better WP Security since i last looked at that plugin. it looks like Server Tweaks and the Htaccess components of Better WP Security have been changed – ie things moved around/changed/modified. So i no longer know for sure if you should or should not use Server Tweaks.

    What i recommend you do is make backup copies of both your root and wp-admin files and then delete them from your website. you should be able to log in at that point. Then you would want to use the BPS automagic buttons and activate BulletProof Modes again. I am not very familiar with the new version of the Better WP Security plugin so I cannot really tell you what to do at this point to set that plugin up. I guess check with the Better WP Security plugin author on that.


    Hi AITpro

    I will be busy with my FTP and will post result here



    Hi AITPro,

    Did you mean that I have to remove all 18 files in the root of the site and then 81 files in the WP-admin folder (files in the root)?

    I have done it and cannot access the site.

    I don’t really know what to try but I will also enter a thread in the Better WP forum as well



    Plugin Author AITpro


    oops yep i left out one very important word “htaccess”.
    I meant delete the root (1 file) and wp-admin htaccess (1 file) files. Upload the other files you backed up back to your website and do not upload the root and wp-admin backed up files back to your website.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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