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  • Does it say <!– Contact Form –> in the source still? It’s probably another plugin interfering.

    The page is
    You can look at the source there
    I tried disabling all other plugins and it still didnt work…
    I also tried reinstalling.

    In wp-contactform.php, there is a line saying:

    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpcf_callback’, 7);

    Try increasing 7 to 10, or try making it 1, I’m not exactly sure what the problem is.

    I tried 10 and 1…still nothing.

    download the plugin again, delete the existing one after disabling it. Upload the plugin, enable in your admin panel, then Write Page. In this write box you should see a button called Contact or Contact Form amongst Blockquote and others. Press it once and it adds the tag.

    Ensure your htaccess can be written to.

    View the page, does it display? If yes, then go to the plugin file for the contact form, and cut and paste the CSS only, paste this into your style.css for your theme and edit it. Or you can modify the css within the plugin file.

    That worked.
    Now how do I get it to work without the comment stuff?

    Can you list what active plugins you have. Something is interfearing with it.


    Go to Manage > Pages and click on contact, at the top of the edit page, un-check allow comments and allow pings

    Thanks! I got it working.

    heh, well done – you can delete the redundant contact page now 🙂

    Jinsan, I’m lost—for future reference, what part of this got the contact form working? 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    for future reference, what part of this got the contact form working?

    This part:

    Firas, if it did not solve the problem for you, try to check if you have a page.php inside the template folder. If a page.php does not exist, you’d have to create one. One that is compatible with the template you are using.


    so you’re saying this goes back to the topic of theme authors not creating all necessary pages? no further comment.

    Creating the page helped me with the same problem.

    ryanduff, please point me to the topic you are referring to about theme authors not creating all necessary pages.

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    Yes, it points back to themes with incomplete pages. Unless the template creator heavily studied the original template format and catched all possible outputs then it is even possible to have only page as a template. But, templates are meant to be composed of several pages to accomodate different outputs. You can blame it on them if you have done your part in following the “WordPress Code/Coding Standard”.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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