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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have used wp-contactform since release, and I’ve installed it for many people as well. Not a single complaint or query about it’s performance.

    I just got this one,
    What’s the difference? It’s all new to me.

    I got PXS Mail and it sounded sort of security-conscious with checking to make sure they’re submitting with a real email address, if I understood it right. Thanks for the intouch link, that one looks cool with ability to customize the fields.

    I use intouch… ZERO problems

    wp-contactform did not seem to work with my K2 – the formatting was all crazed.

    I found intouch very versatile but ultimately settled on wp-contactform because I didn’t need the extra functionality of the former. However, like piginzen, wp-contactform formatted very badly for me to, so I ended up hacking it (using tables) somewhat.

    I’m using wp-contactform but have hacked it to heck. It looks ok in Safari/Firefox/Opera etc but doesn’t even come close to working on IE. Whilst I’m not too bothered, I’d like to know if there is a way of specifying length and width for the message box, as different browsers (even the same browser on different platforms, namely firefox) seems to interpret rows and columns differently.

    You can see my contact form here.

    tauquil, nice contact form.
    Is the post card type form a custom wp-contactform that you made or is a plugin?

    I’m using wp-contact for the contact form, Brian Dupuis’ Headline Image plugin for the text and my own graphics to make it look like a postcard (oh and the stamp is courtesy of Apple!). It’s all a bit hacked together but looks ok if you’re using the right browser!

    I use WP-contactform, with minimal tweaking to make it fit my layout…

    tauquil i LOVE the postcard background. I’m a fan of postcards, what can I say, that is too cool. I might have to make my own. I see that technically yours is breaking out of your design at my fontsize, it works if I minus-2 on my preferred font (Firefox, control-plus/control-minus). But I have to say, even with that it is very sharp looking.

    Thank you Dgold!

    It relies heavily on graphics so unfortunately it’s not very flexible. A drawback but I still like it 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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