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  • Thanks, Ryan.
    Do you mean for earlier WP versions (1.5.2) we should stick to the previous ContactForm?

    Yes, anybody still running 1.5.x or earlier should continue to use WP Contact Form 1.3 This is for anybody testing WordPress 2.0 to try out and confirm that it works so when people upgrade, they have a plugin available that will continue to work.

    A few bugs have been rolled out and its now at 1.4.2 Please test and confirm it works. Use the link above to track changes.

    1.4.2 has been tested OK and I back ported all those changes to 1.3.1 for all users of WordPress 1.5.x

    1.4.2 is working just fine here on a RC3 test install, Ryan. Icon is showing up on the toolbar next to the help icon, form submits are great, config options work perfectly. Running under Firefox 1.07 (still waiting for some of my FF plugins to be updated before I upgrade). -kj-

    Awesome. However, isn’t there a problem with giving the submit button an id rather than a class? I mean, what if, for some crazy reason, I had two contact forms on one page?

    kjarrett: Assuming it just the max version number stopping your favorite plugins from working, check out this plugin. It’ll allow you to force plugins to be compatible. 😉

    If that’s a problem, one just redoes that particular id, doesn’t one?

    Whatda mean?

    You just redo the call from “id” to “class” for the submit button, and rename the “#” in the css to “.” What’s so hard about that?

    No, I’m talking about if you put two contacts form on one page, it’ll break page validness as you can’t have multiple IDs with the same name. And since I see no need for it to be an ID, I was suggesting sticking to using a class.

    Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. If it’s a problem, one simply renames the ID to class. Most people won’t have more than one contact form in the first place. Those that do can simply change the ID to a class, and change the css as needed. Why make a big deal of it with the author? It’s a simple fix-it in the file and the css.

    My personal preference is IDs. I only use classes when forced. A contact form should be singular – why would you need more than one on any given page?

    I just installed a contact form and I entered the code into a page and it doesn’t fit the page. Maybe it is because I use 3 rows but the form gets pushed all the way down underneath the sidebar..

    Just so you know.

    It might be that your content area is too narrow. Try to work a bit on the stylesheet of the contactform (it used to be at the bottom), maybe you can fit it in.

    I’ve changed contactsubmit from an id to a class in the 1.x branch and it will be a part of the next version.

    I’ve also made an empty

    in the css so anybody can edit and add their styling.

    Nice, ryanduff. Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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