[resolved] wp-config, and the mystery of the missing blog (2 posts)

  1. ishtaran
    Posted 6 years ago #

    So I inadvertently deleted wp-config, fortunately I had a backup copy so I just put it back via ftp where it belonged. However somehow in the process of this it made a new WordPress install (my page directs to a clean page with no posts, comments, the default theme, etc.) rather than the one that was there before that has all my stuff on it. When I look through my files via FTP I can see all the old stuff is there.. so my question is what do I do to get my page to return?. I feel like I'm sure it's something silly like just changing a line of code somewhere to direct to the correct file - I just dont know how. Oh and just resorting an import of the blog is not an option, as I wasn't expecting to remove the file I didn't make a backup (lol, you can save the always backup speech I've learned my lesson - always back up even when just uploading something to a subfolder). :-)
    Thanks for any help anyone can give (the less technical the better please).

  2. ishtaran
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OK. I'm good now. But in case it can help anyone else: against my better judgement (because if it didn't work I probably would have possibly overwritten what was still functioning of my blog) I used Fantasico to upgrade to a newer version of WordPress (fortunately it gave me this option as I thought I already WAS on the newest version). And now my website is magically back just the way it was.

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