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  • I would LOVE to see BBpress integrated more thoroughly into WP.

    Blog posts that can automatically turn into a full forum discussion and debate. Now THAT would be a thing of beauty!

    This themeplayground podcast has asked that question.

    Blog posts could have “comments” as one option for commenting, but the REALLY powerful conversation starter would be the option of instead of “comments” posting under the post, the article stays nice and neat on its own, but the user is redirected to comment on the article in the FULL POWER and convenience of BBpress!

    That way, people won’t get lost in the weird threaded comments section with no real post URL to come back to, etc. I’m currently in discussions on a blog where negotiating the threaded comments area is a MESS! AND when I click on the email notifying me of a reply, it doesn’t land me back somewhere convenient to post. NO, I have to use FIREFOX to search through the page to some words from the last reply!

    See this political journal….

    It has main articles, someimes a few pages long, and then a separate comments FORUM (but which is not as powerful or beautiful as BBpress).

    So make BBpress a plug-in for WP, and make it unbreakable. Have the forum categories that relate to blog categories, so that the blog post can also turn up as a forum-post conversation starter (automatically). Maybe this would function as a separate view?

    That’s roughly how I imagine it would work.

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  • No one likes this idea?

    OK, so there’s this plugin that pretty much does it.

    However, now I’m nervous to take it up because it is not core.

    bbsync is another thing that has to be upgraded and compatible every time there’s another WP upgrade. That makes 3 things I’m waiting to be compatible… bbsync, wp, and bbpress…. why can’t these things be integrated so that an “upgrade” means one bit of software is fixed, and it is a one click thing and there’s no waiting for XY or Z to be ready? That would be too beautiful!

    No one thinks BBpress should be in the WP core with bbsync as an option to just ‘tick the button’ to make WP posts come up automatically over in the forum? This could be a game-changing move for WP, and put it on a war-footing with Drupal and Joomla, both of which have powerful one-click forum install packages and have reputations for enabling “community portals”.

    I’d love to see a fully-loaded BBpress CORE as this would then enable themers to then also theme up the forum to be compatible with the WP install, or at least take it to the next level with a ‘drop and drag’ editable WP/forum theme. Then activists worldwide would probably move in bulk to adopting the WP portal.

    Until then, many are going with SMF portals, which can be ugly as but at least the forum software works and is ‘fully loaded’ out of the box.

    Did you know that you are posting on a bbpress driven forum right now?

    Then activists worldwide would probably move in bulk to adopting the WP portal.



    powered by wordpress

    “Results 1 – 10 of about 109,000,000 for “powered by wordpress”

    Matt Mullenweg

    Multiple GM sites, Wall Street Journal, Ford Motor Company, AMD, OnStar, Universities, etc… on and on… it’s all good.

    Turn away from the dark side, young Skywalker…


    “wordpress forum bbpress”

    “Results 1 – 10 of about 146,000 for wordpress forum bbpress.”

    The possibilities seem endless!


    ha? Won’t those last searches include stuff like all the bbpress forum posts on bbpress forums, from all the newbies asking a new forum whether it can do XYZ standard install on SMF or phpbb3?

    EG: When I just google “Simple Machine Forum” I get
    Results 1 – 10 of about 4,980,000 for “simple machine forum”. (0.41 seconds)

    but here’s the thing, that doesn’t tell me whether 4 million of those pages just have text on them telling me that SMF bites!

    So how is googling like that helpful? What does it tell me about the future of bbpress? How are important decisions like the future of WP as a community portal made in the Automatic community?

    So how is googling like that helpful? What does it tell me about the future of bbpress?

    I, see… Well, just being friendly, eclipsenow. I’m not going to spark a debate on how well you can or can’t use Google advanced search modifiers, and I have no need to do so myself. I will say, however, that any information you want, negative or positive, is on the web.

    You seem to have grasped the concept quite well…

    What does it tell me about the future of bbpress?

    …although I don’t think you realize it. Unless you are clairvoyant, I dare you to do anything other than speculate on the future of anything. Otherwise you can’t expect others to do anything more than speculate as well.


    Perhaps if you spent an equal amount of time seriously researching Automatic, Matt Mullenweg, (start with the link in the footer, if you are interested) and the venture capital interests (I’m sure that link return may be too obtuse for your liking) Matt/WordPress has garnered as you have spent here dropping the names of any other platform you think may be “competitive” or have an interest in, the accuracy of your insight and information would become more rewarding. This is after all, a forum for WordPress. Not Joomla, Drupal, AuroraFlash, or Squarespace. To be honest with you, if you want to know how well those products do or don’t perform, sign up and spend time in their forums. You can double your feedback by mentioning wordpress and all of those other products every other post.

    Be well.

    You’re right, sorry if I sounded a bit abrupt or harsh. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and yet only have a small amount of time each week to plod through my special “To Do” list called “CMS stuff to learn one day”.

    The main reason I like WordPress is… it’s cool! The tutorials at, cool. The themes? Cool. The control panel? Cool. Gravatars? Cool.

    So thanks for your time, and I hope my responses above have not coloured anyone else’s views of a WordPress/bbpress combined portal.

    I guess I’m just greedy, and want everything in one package! 😉

    But I still think WP comments should be as powerful as everything we normally associate with forums. That’s the way many other article-to-comment-on sites seem set up.

    Email replies
    the lot

    There’s some things I really love about WP, but I’m thinking of my non-technical academic political reform friends when I say WYSIWYG editing of comments as forum posts would REALLY help.

    Hi all,
    sadly bbsync still doesn’t work AFAIK and so I’ll probably head with SMF.

    At least SMF has this plugin.

    I wish bbpress were a truly “out of the box” solution with all the SMF features already built in.

    I wish bbpress were a plugin to WP core, so that all I had to do was click a few buttons and it was there.

    I wish this also had a bbsync blog-post-automatically-to-forum-post function that I could just switch on, also bbpress core.

    But it isn’t. From the BBpress forums, it seems to have all sorts of issues integrating with WP.

    I may as well just operate 2 separate databases, and keep the thing simple. Once users have logged in and accepted the cookies they don’t have to keep logging in anyway… they’re auto-logged in. If a WP post can be automatically shunted across to SMF as an SMF post with an automated link to that post, wow!

    One day I hope to migrate my SMF database across to a truly “everything in it out of the box” bbpress forum, but right now the basic package is to sparse, and all the good “optional extras” that I call core basics could easily be dropped by 3rd party developers because they are not core. That is the key issue that makes phpbb3 and SMF a safer option for now. I can always convert later, if bbpress comes around. Just being honest.

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