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  • I am using php-cgi lines in the files, this is a fresh install of 2.9.2 and so I am using the default theme and no plugins. When I am logged in as an admin I can post the comments, but when someone else tries to comment, the error message displayed is 500. However, when I go back to the post and refresh I see that the comment is posted. So I think it is the redirect(after commenting) to the post is not happening. What could be going wrong, please suggest. I have tried to empty DB(as it was a fresh install) and even tried to reinstall; but nothing helps.


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  • Can someone help please??

    We’re having the same issue.. sometime the admin-ajax.php also having 500 internal server error. Suspected that server’s configuration. I will do some more research/google and see if there is any solution for this.

    Okay, I finally got to bottom of this issue. After a day of googling, tried many suggestions from various of blogs, forums without any luck. I have decided to debug it myself. Surprisingly, the problem came from wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php. Somehow, our server could not handle the php function send() properly. Besides, make sure always check if a class exists before including it.

    include_once($this->PluginDir . 'class-smtp.php');

    Need to change it to:
    if (!class_exists("SMTP")) include_once($this->PluginDir . 'class-smtp.php');

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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