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  1. ukslim
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have a fair amount of static content. I have a comments link on each page, for which I use enetation. With enetation I can just make up a unique string for each page, and link to a URL containing that string to get a comments page.

    However, I'd like to host my own comments, partly in order to keep everything "under one roof", partly so I can get better control of comment spam. Ideally I'd like to use WP for this, because then my blog comments and my static page comments are kept in one place.

    Is there anything that already does this? Or if not, any pointers on where I would begin in implementing it?

    A brief play with wp-comments-popup.php suggests that you can't currently "just make up" comments ID -- it must relate to a real WP post. Is this correct? Might a first stab at this involve creating a dummy post corresponding to each static page?

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have,


  2. ukslim
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Ugh, following myself up...

    Just to add, I have no objection to making dynamic pages as a "presentation layer" around my static content. e.g. instead of:




    where the script reads page.html from the filesystem, fixes up any links therein, and adds comments dynamically.

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