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  • I recently migrated a site from one web server to another.
    Mostly everything looks fine except for two issues.

    1) I’m getting the dreaded black diamonds (with question mark inside) wherever I’ve got an extra white space between words in a post.

    2) I had text in Japanese which is now rendered as a string of question marks (no black diamonds this time).

    I can enter new posts in Japanese and they display just fine.

    Nothing in my WP-config.hp file setup has changed other than the database connection of course.
    I’m wondering if this is a kind of MySQL bug when moving data
    between servers.
    The data is contained in posts that were created under older versions of WordPress (WP v 2.8.4 or earlier) but I’ve recently updated to 3.1.3.
    Interestingly, the data on this original, now upgraded site, looks OK.

    I’ve notice that a different site I am running, still using WPv 2.9.2
    has a database tables collation of UTF8_general_ci.
    The NEW site running WPv 3.1.3 has a database tables collation of latin_swedish_ci.
    Did WordPress decide to change the database schema somewhere between 2.9 and 3.1? If so, doesn’t that create huge problems for any site owners with data created in the old schema whenever they migrate servers?

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