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    I need to put a post on this. I have tried to search the forums here, but can’t find what I’m looking for.

    I have been fighting this for a long time now. When I try to move the WP site from one host to another, the wp installation/pages is getting cluttered up. Nothing seems to work. I’ve tried to follow all the posts on how to export the database, how to move your site, and other related stuff. I’ve also tried to change the url’s in the databasefile reflecting the new host.

    I’ve also tried manually to changed the to urls, “siteurl” and “host” in the database.

    Look at these two sites: (working) (totaly fuc*** up!) is the host I have tried to move to.

    I hope someone is able to help me now…

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  • we’ve been doing a bunch of moving sites around from test/development servers to production, etc. and have found that the following make for about the easiest transition we could hope for:
    1) make sure both servers are running the same exact version of WP, mySQL, php, etc.

    2) do a SQL dump of the DB from phpMyadmin and import that rather than use the wp import/export feature – this is especially important for large sites, including those which may have undergone a couple of WP ‘upgrades’ along the way

    3) in developing the site, be sure and use relative url’s for things like images, etc, unless you feel like doing potentially lots of editing later on.

    4) make sure both WP installations have the same plugins (and versions of them) installed before importing site materials.

    any questions, send to
    Christopher J. Hradil,


    And have a look at Moving_WordPress. Don’t forget that the URL values (see your Options -> General page) are stored in the database.

    Thanks folks. I have read all about Moving WordPress, and the fact is that I only move an exact copy of what I have local, both database and WP files.

    Though, I use the Xampp system to work on locally on my laptop, which I guess have another version of php and sql than whats on the server online.

    Could I try to select another sql compability when dumbing the database?

    I also do all my url changes in a notepad-like program before importing online.

    Last, how can I be sure to use relative url’s when working with the site? is there a setting for that?

    Thanks again…


    Eureca! I found out that I needed to select export compability with SQL 4.0. And then remember to import with the same compability setting in phpMyadmin online.

    Hope this can help others with some export/import and moving sites problem.

    Case closed.

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