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    Having spent the best part of a full day and trying a number of utilities for migrating WP from MAMP on my Mac to my webserver, including the manual approach, it was with much joy that I finally tried WP Clone. Wish I’d found it first-up as this is going to be a regular task for me in the future and I need a quick and easy solution.

    All-up it took probably 10 mins to finish the actual migrate NOT COUNTING ftp time ( 30 mins for 185 mb, plus 5 mins while WP Clone did its work on my live web host server.) 10 mins included installing WP clone in both local and remote WP installs. Note – I did have a current existing WP installation on my web server and WP Clone just over-wrote than with my development site from my local Mac

    As a long-time Joomla user I consider Akeeba Back-up a required plugin for Joomla to both back-up and transfer sites. WP-clone, though differing in a number of respects deserves a similar status as an Industry standard from my first and only experience of using it – probably actually easier to use than Akeeba.
    The main competitor for this WP functionality requires you to have the zip utility enabled on your local php installation, which is not the default for MAMP ( so you have to get into the php.ini file and add in the zip utility – a bit of a pain). WP Clone uses in-built WP zip functionality so you dont have to worry about that.

    It would be nice of course if the developers included an auto-back-up facility like with Akeeba but hey this is free and all it takes is a little discipline to always back-up after editing your live site.
    If you are looking for a way to migrate form a local dev environment to live this is perfect – just remember to load the local back-up inro the root of your live site and give the correct URL to the live install of WP and away you go.
    Of course, WP Clone will transfer from one live server to another and can do this with no down time apparently – even easier than from your local machine as you dont need to ftp the zip file up – just paste in the url from the transferring site.
    THANK YOU WP Academy!

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