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    Hello all,

    I don’t know why but WP change my google_id_client (ID for Adsense) when I try to save a new ad to xxx-0000000000000000 what ever the way I m trying to do it a plugin, the widget Text or adding the code of the ad directly in sidebar.php if any one could help that will be nice ..

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    Changes it to what?

    I put them in all the time into widgets without a problem.

    WP change my adsense Id to this “xxx-0000000000000000″…
    and I am hosting my WP on not on there is any log I can read to figure this out ?? that’s so hard to figure it out

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    There’s nothing in WordPress that does that.

    Turn off all your plugin. ALL of them. Switch to the default twenty ten theme. Try again.

    If it keeps failing, ask your host.

    I’m Already on Twenty ten theme , well thanks for your time I think that will stay forever Unresolved

    I agree, nothing in WordPress would specifically target and change a value like that. Is it happening as soon as you refresh the page after saving?

    So you save your own ID then on refresh again it changes or does it change randomly?

    You should troubleshoot and get more information for us.

    Please confirm the plugin you are using?

    Also, did you update your plugin and could it simply be the plugin resetting the value?

    Create a new blog, no plugins etc. Can you confirm it happens when no plugins are active and this would rule out plugins causing it?

    Search the value 00000000000 in your code using Windows or Dreamweaver. Anything that will search a files content, this could possibly locate the file with a script that updates the value.

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    That’s why I also said to turn off ALL your plugins.

    If you’re putting in the adsense code in a text widget with no plugins on your install, there’s nothing in WordPress to do this.

    Which means it’s either a plugin or something weird on your host. Both are possible.

    when i click the update button i can see my adsense id geting update but when i check the code I just update i found that xxx-00000000000000.

    about the plugins I am using i don’t remember them all but i used like 5 or 6 and all brings me the same problem (easy adsense, awsome adsense ,best adsense, javascript and html adder …)
    when I add my adsense id I didn’t only use the plugins, i tried to add adsense code also directly in sidebar.php or via the widget Text but always the same problem ..

    abbout your 2 last advices I ll try them and keep you in touch thanks for advices

    @ipstenu: yeah your right ..

    That is the information we need.

    You narrowed it right down. It is not a plugin causing it, your theme or WordPress.

    Your said you coded it directly into your sidebar.php.

    Please ensure when you done this, that you updated the server with the new copy of sidebar.php . If your 100% sure the site parsed your updated sidebar.php the it must be your hosting/server or an issue with your Google account. I assume when you say you still get this problem, your not saying that “sidebar.php” changes and shows this value. Only the source code of your web pages?

    Meaning it is happening during parsing. Let your hosting know all this.

    🙁 I’m sorry guys for your time, I just read the contract of the Host and he’s the responsible of this. just lost 2 days of my life on nothing ..

    Happens in web development.

    Looking for answers in the wrong place, there are so many places to look.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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