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    Hello there,

    I really need some help here and I have a nasty suspicion that I might not be the first one with this problem, but you’ll see once you’ve read it, that it is virtually impossible to find a bug report or something for this.

    The facts:
    – I updated WP from 1.5 to 2.0.4 two days ago
    – Everything seemed to work just fine, except that I had to upload the user profile page from the old installation, because I had added some custom fields to it, the same goes for the posting page, because it has indications for my authors on how to put the titles
    – I am using a multilingual blog and French is one of the base languages: so, I am running a ISO-8859-1 encoding

    Today I discovered out of the blue (since I made a lot of changes to page yesterday and it never came up) bug which after updating my page or post brings up a “Are you sure you want to do this?” Dialog Page I have never seen before and when I click OK it has transformed all accents to funny characters. With this comes another symptom: when I click “Save and continue editing” it gives the “Are you sure…” dialogue and then takes me back to an empty “Write Post” Page, not the post/page I am supposed to continue editing.

    My first thought was of course an encoding error, but the db is running on the correct encoding so is WP. I have already deactivated all plugins and no change there.
    The funniest thing is: it is NOT everytime. I somehow (after resaving the encoding in the Options > Reading) made it go away and now it’s come up again. Always in the same manner: it brings up the “Are you sure”, takes me back to the Write New Post page instead of Editing and then the accents are encoded wrong.
    When the dialogue does not appear, the encoding is correct.
    Completely erratic if you ask me.

    Anyway, some help as to what is happening would be nice. Thank you in advance!

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  • what’s the default charset and colation in your MySQL install ? (you can get this information either from the command line with show variables; or using phpMyAdmin

    Thank you chardil, for trying to help me. My MySql install is on latin_swedish_ci which is the right encoding.

    Btw entering the post directly into the db is the only way to undo a changed post once it has been revamped by WP in the above style…

    I also have this problem after I uppgraded from 2.0 to 2.0.4 yesterday. My encoding is ISO-8859-1 and I have checked my database in phpMyAdmin where the same encoding is set as default.

    Now everytime I write something withe the letters å ä ö it returns some strange characters.

    Please help!

    I’ve just written a post in phpMyAdmin directly into table wp_posts and it worked fine but I’m really hoping for some solution to this problem so I can write my posts in wp-admin where it is supposed to work.

    A. J’ai résolu un problème similaire de la façon suivante : 1. exporter le contenu de la base de donnée via phpmyadmin 2. ouvir le fichier .sql en local et changer son codage en charset en ISO-8859-1 3. Vider les tables et réintroduire les données dans la base.

    B. On peut arriver au même résultat en produisant un fichier d’exportation .xml contenant posts et commentaires avec le plugin Il suffit alors d’ouvrir le fichier .xml avec un éditeur de texte, changer de le sauver en ISO-8859-1 et de réintroduire les données dans wordpress via le système d’import proposé par le même plugin.

    La solution A est préférable ; je pense que la seconde change l’ID des posts dans la db.

    (guys, sorry for the french, i’m a lazy boy)

    Fast solution:

    open wp-includes/wp-db.php

    find line 43 and paste end:

    @mysql_query(”SET NAMES ‘***′”);

    ***=utf8 or latin1 or latin 2 whatever you want

    And for future reference: you shouldn’t change the default utf-8 at installation, regardless of language. UTF-8 works perfectly for any language!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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