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  • The majority of the time that I upload a photo to wordpress (so I can insert it into a post), wordpress rotates the image 45 degrees. I’ve found that the only way to prevent this is to crop my photos in advance so that they are always “landscape,” i.e. the width is greater than the length.

    However, sometimes, I want to put a photo in a blog post that is taller than it is wide. Even when the photo appears upright when viewed in my mac’s Finder, and when viewed in Photoshop, WP seems to disagree, and “corrects” it for me.

    To date, I have not found a way to keep this from happening without cropping the photos to make wordpress happy. And I’ve had a very difficult time finding solutions for this, because searching for “image rotate wordpress” or similar invariably leads to a discussion about a “rotation” in the sense of exchanging one image for another, whereas this problem is about a single image being turned to appear at a different angle.

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  • esmi


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    Admin/Settings/Media. Ensure that the “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions” box is unchecked.

    Thanks, but that doesn’t seem to help. In fact, the “width” settings that I make there become the default settings for “medium” and “large” images that are inserted into posts. But The “height” images I put there don’t seem to make it.

    So, for example, I just went to admin/settings/media, and set medium max dimensions to 400×400, and large to 700×700. Then I went to insert an image into a post. Medium is now 400×300, and large is now 700×525.

    Going into the html and changing the sizes doesn’t solve the problem either. Once the images are uploaded, WP seems to have its own idea about the angle, and keeps it that way, regardless of how the size is changed.



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    Well the image sizes you’re getting now make sense given your image config. The images will be re-sized until the width or height hit the max figure and then the remaining dimension will be resized accordingly. Have you tied setting a max height that is, say, half the max width? Or whatever the width:height ratio is for your images?

    And you’re right about the changes being fixed once the image is uploaded. The small & medium images are created during the upload process.

    I see. Most of my images are iPhone photos, which are by default 1200×1600.

    It seems that the best solution might be to just resize them in Photoshop, or some other offline image editor, and then upload to WordPress.

    However, let the record show that I think it would be great if WordPress would just allow me to upload images of any size, and then manipulate them as desired within the WP interface. I realize that a full online image editor integrated into WP would be a big project. But just something that allows size and orientation to be changed just before posting would be very helpful.

    esmi, thanks for you help.

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