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  • I’m setting up my WP site and it’s working fine. I want to add Google Analytics. I got my Analytic account going and have the tracking code. Then I go to Appearance > Theme Options and paste in the code. however, when I hit “Save,” the <script></script> tags vanish. When I try to view the site, my tacking code is now visible on the top of the site. ( How do I fix this?

    Also, I installed the GA Dashboard hoping it would give me a fix. i can’t find anything there where I can put teh code. moreover, I can’t actually find the Dashboard, only the settings for it. Where do I find the dashboard?

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  • That’s either because of your theme or you inserted the code at the wrong place. As you are using a non-WPORG theme we cannot help you with the theme. However, you may try these:
    – delete that theme and replace it with a freshly downloaded unedited copy of the theme so that the code that is now appearing at the top of the site will not appear again.
    – Use a plugin to insert the code if you do not know where to insert in your theme template files:

    Since I downloaded the theme through the WP interface, I presumed it was WP legit. Sorry.

    I am posting the tracking code into a field marked “tracking code,” so it seems the obvious place. I am not putting it directly into the code. I am using the WP admin interface.

    If I delete the code from that field, it no longer displays on the site, so no need to reload.

    I downloaded the plugin you suggested and input the UA number as asked. So far everything looks right. Thanks for pointing me to that plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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