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    Just curious if this plug in is still going to be updated in the future, or if I need to find another solution?

    On mobile, the social icons do not show, but tapping the area brings up a menu that allows me to select one of the links. any way to get the icons to show?

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  • I know the devs have pushed a couple of updates in the Git repo, not sure why they aren’t pushing them here to the WP repo. So I know they have been working on things here and there.

    Regarding your social icons, I’ve had that issue too…it is likely a Font Awesome conflict on your site. Drop your URL here and I’d be glad to take a look.

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    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the reply. I would not know where to begin to get the updates off one of the repos (and admittedly do not know what a “repo” is).

    Here is the URL:

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    You can download the latest version from ( as a ZIP file, then add that as a new plugin.

    That said, when I look at your site I see your icons: Your site is serving over http and isn’t secure, so I thought at first it had to do with SSL, but it doesn’t appear you have a certificate for the site yet.

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    Thanks, Greg. Will try to get it from there.

    yes, the icons show on the desktop browser, but not on my mobile browser.

    An SSL cert from GoDaddy is a bit out of our budget as a church. I tried to use CloudFlare but could not get it to work at first. Plan to go back to retry that.

    Ah, I see…ok, so here is the situation. The mobile hamburger menu is hidden, or rather, it is white, so you can’t see it. If you clicked in the top right where the icon is you’ll see it ( You just need to add some CSS to get the hamburger a different color. You can change that color in the customizer, under header.

    In terms of the SSL…if GD is charging people for SSL’s you are with the wrong host. Nearly every host out there these days offer free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt, even the cheaper hosts that are out there.

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    Thanks, Greg. Will try the CSS.

    And, yes, I know about GD lol. I have done quite a bit of research and found an alternative host that offers the free SSL certificate, just have to put some time aside to get the site moved. Day job, family and other obligations always scream louder. : )

    I appreciate your help on this. I think the devs need to give you a support fee.

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