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  1. lukemalcher
    Posted 1 year ago #

    We have recently migrated our site to the wordpress platform. We are on our own servers. 4GB RAM. Currently getting 7k-10k visits per day. We have recently doubled the server size from 2GB which has decreased the amount of downtime on the site when the server load goes crazy. But the server load is still temperamental. Using version 3.8.1

    We have a number of issues which may be due to a single problem which we can't work out.
    The main issues include:
    - High CPU load when publishing activity and traffic is high (we publish 10-15 blogs per day) causes site downtime.
    - CMS/admin page loads are always slow (6 second page loads)
    - Due to the URL structure we have two pages that display the homepage blog content. One at 'domain.com' and one at 'domain.com/blog'
    The 'domain.com' however does not update with the latest posts and can take up to a week to show the latest content.
    - We have the cacheing plugins installed (w3 total cache)
    - We get signed out of WP when saving updates to plugins, disabling plugins and deleting plugins.

    We have deactivated plugins etc but nothing seems to work.

    Any advise or ideas of what could possibly be causing these issues would be HUGELY appreciated!


  2. Chris Hardie
    Posted 1 year ago #

    The resource usage on your server could be affected by a lot of different factors, and it would be difficult to diagnose those here with limited information.

    It might be best to consult with your web host / server administrator to track down what's happening, and there may be settings they can adjust on the server side that would lead to better performance.

    See also:


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