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  • Isn’t category already technorati tags enabled? The technorati folks think so and also my own experience with WordPress categories suggest that they are technorati tags enabled.

    Garrick, great work, man. I’ve gotten excellent responses from visitors.

    My posts were already indexing fine w/ technocrati prior to the plugin, but now visitors can go directly to that category on technorati w/ a single click

    is there anyway you can keep the comma in there? It’s just an aesthetic thing 🙂

    Yes, I believe this is done automatically without a plugin.

    WordPress may ping Technorati out-of-the-box. As bloodylamer explains, WP-CaTT is an easy way to access Technorati’s tags easily from an individual post.

    BTW- I’m working on bringing the comma separator back.

    Any quick way to hack this so that the categories named in the post automatically contain Technorati urls rather than as a link to all WP posts in the category? So, instead of having the little “t” as a Technorati tag link, your category name would directly link to Technorati. Only wanting to do this for categories listed in posts, not the actual categories links in the sidebar.

    I tried terribly to hack templates-functions-category.php (which is where I think you can do this???), but I messed up somewhere. Anyone think this can happen somewhat painlessly???


    If you’re not looking for a way, at the post-level, to access your WP category then change the line starting with:

    ‘$url .= $categoryURL’

    to something like

    ‘$url .= “< a href=\””. $category . “\” rel=\”tag\”>” . $category . “< /a >”; ‘

    Doesn’t work.

    If you’d like some further assistance, post the code you’re using.

    My site is:
    Will Technorati list my posts quicker if I use Technorati tags? They listed my posts almost immediately when I was at When I moved to WordPress, they had the URL’s pointing to a temp site I was using while I made the switch from blogger to wordpress, and those posts are still there.

    I wrote to them and they changed THOSE url’s to my wordpress site. But they have not linked any of the posts I’ve made using WordPress, no linked posts since end of June. I have the default ping set in WordPress,, isn’t it supposed to ping Technorati when things update? I have manually pinged them several times also. Is it because I am not using Technorati tags that they seem to ignore my posts?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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