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  • I upgraded an install with a large number of pages (about 150), with about six of them in the top level. No matter what theme I use, WP cannot show a list of Pages. “Home” is the last thing it shows, and the rest of the page remains blank.

    I have checked and double checked the installation, so the problem must be with the database or the pages themselves. If anybody has any idea what might cause the problem, I would much appreciate your help.

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  • Yes, it is… I figured I try over here. I’m not sure which forum is the right one, so feel free to delete one of the threads. I think this summary of the problem is more succinct than the other one. Thanks.

    Even with the Default theme (you did update it as part of the upgrade, right?)

    There are many ways to display pages in a WP blog. Way too many to try and guess how you’re theme does it.

    Could you share how your theme does it?

    As you probably noticed when you read up on the 2.1x release, Pages are treated a bit differently now, and some older themes are going to have problems, along with some of the older template tags.

    Thank you so much for the response, HandySolo. The default theme breaks right where the pages should be displayed, even when I don’t turn on the widgets plug. I’ll switch it over if you want to take a look:

    I was using the chameleon theme, which shows the pages as horizontal nav bar. It shows “home” and then stops. When I use a theme with widgets and don’t put the Pages widget in the sidebar, the page renders fine.

    I don’t know how pages are treated differently in 2.1x–is there something about the pages themselves that could be breaking WP? We used leading spaces in the header for sorting.

    hrmm, that’s a stumper. Are you *positive* you updated the default theme as part of the upgrade?!?

    Ya know? I’m not sure if the leading spaces would be an issue or not. I wouldn’t think so, but at this point I’m stumped enough to step aside and hope for someone smarter to wander by.

    Meanwhile, have a peek in your web server’s error log and see if anything interesting is showing up there. I wonder if (guessing) php memory is an issue?

    Thanks again. I’m positive about the default theme. The leading spaces don’t seem to be a problem; I removed them and the problem remained. The pages also contain some ugly HTML, nested font tags etc, but it wasn’t a problem before.

    The error logs appear to be empty. I’ll have to wait to contact my host to find out about php memory.

    We’ve tried to use the import/export function of 2.11 to see if that might fix the problem. We tried it on the same host and another server, with clean installs. One host refused to import at all, the other imported but the problem remains, with everything else being straight out of the box:

    The only thing we can still think to do now is to start over fresh and copy/paste all content. If anybody could save us from that fate, we’d kiss their feet.

    If you really want to get into it, you can take a look at the WP XML export here:



    I have the very same problem. I create new pages that never show up in the horizontal menu bar.

    The 3 default pages that came with the “Cutline 3-Column Split” theme are the only ones that are displayed: Front Page, Archives, About. And that’s it.

    I’d also be grateful if anyone can tell me why the new pages I’m creating are not showing up on the main menu.



    Because those are “hard coded” into the template file. Cutline(s) never use the proper template tag (wp_list_pages) to display the Pages.
    Complain to the author, or just edit the theme and use the template tag: Template_Tags/wp_list_pages

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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