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  • I’ve been patiently waiting to upgrade to WordPress 2, but don’t want to take the leap until WP-Cache is updated.

    The latest version (2.0.17) was released over 9 months ago (before WordPress 2) and the developer seems to be ignoring requests for an update, so I think he may have abandoned it.

    With a high-traffic site like mine I need more than the simple caching of WordPress 2.0, but I’m worried about the unpatched security holes in my 1.5.2 install.

    Are there any developers willing to take control of WP-Cache and get it working with WordPress 2? Or is there a suitable alternative?

    Many Thanks,


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  • I use wp-cache on WordPress 2.0.3 and it seems to work fine.
    My website is still a dog, but that’s because I run on a old P2 !!


    Yeah, I use WP-Cache2 with WordPress v2.0.3 and it works perfect, even when the daily pageviews nears the 100k mark. 🙂

    And for the record, even if a plugin hasn’t been updated since WP2 was released, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. The majority of the plugins out there required no updating to work with WP2. 😉

    WP-Cache is being used on tons of WP2 sites without problems.

    I just added this fix and it works fine:

    1. Open wp-cache-phase2.php file* in your favourite text editor
    2. Find out wp_cache_ob_end function
    3. then inside that function find out line with: ob_end_clean(); (it should be line 219 or about)
    4. and finally replace that line with: ob_end_flush();

    Hmm, I didn’t have that problem and I’m using PHP5.

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses.

    In the tests I did with WordPress 2.0.1, WP-Cache did initially appear to work (by the presence of the “Cached page served by WP-Cache” comment). However loading up the page from a differnt machine the page was served fresh (not from the cache).

    Has anyone else using WP-Cache word WP2 noticed this same behaviour?

    Yes, the first load of a page that’s not in the cache (remember, there’s more to a page than just it’s URL) or that’s expired will be served fresh. Load the page again and it will be the cached version of the fresh version you just viewed. That’s how the plugin works.

    I think you misunderstand me Viper.

    In my tests the following was observed with WordPress 1.5.2

    Person a loads page – served fresh
    Person a loads page again – served from cache
    Person b loads pages – served from cache

    And then with WordPress 2.0.1

    Person a loads page – served fresh
    Person a loads page again – served from cache
    Person b loads pages – *served fresh!*

    Clearly Person b should have been served the cached page. The time period was less than 1 minute, the cache was set to expire in 12 hours and neither user was logged in. Each time the users were loading the front page of the site.

    The only reason I can see that happening is because either person a or person b has WordPress cookies for your website and therefore the pages they need to be served could be different.

    Can you get your two non-logged in users to test via my install? That way we can eliminate any other problems (such as you running a couple versions old version of WordPress) and determine if it is indeed the plugin or something else.

    Hi Viper,

    I’m getting served from the Cache everytime on your site. Are you running WP2.0.3 yeah?

    I would guess that it must have been another plugin I was running that was messing with WP-Cache, I’ll install WP2.0.3 and try it again.

    Many thanks!



    I am having the issue with the blank page as well. I will make that “ob_end_flush();” change.

    That said, does the latest version of WordPress (2.0.4 in my case) have caching built in? And, if so, how do I enable it? Also, is WP-Cache better, after all?



    The ‘WordPress built-in caching’ mechanism is NOT a replacement for WP-Cache/Staticize style caching, nor should it be used by the average blogger (as it is meant for advanced users/administrators). WP-Cache and its predecessors are still the best way to reduce load via ‘static page caching’.




    Cool. I got it working. Thanks the “flush” hack.

    WP-Cache2 does not work with the latest WP.
    As the writer does not work on the project anymore, your question ‘Abondonware?’ should be answered with YES.

    Do not install.

    Did you try the last release of wp-cache?

    I should note, I haven’t. But let’s not call public, opensource, KEY plugins ‘abandonware’… It’ll get picked up by someone if he can’t. Put it on the ‘Ideas’ list that it should be a core-included plugin — that’ll keep it always supported and updated! 😉


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