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  1. _erik_
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i've downloaded and activated WP-Cache in its latest version. Due to chmod-settings getting the options page to display as it should was a bit painful.
    (i dont have root-access so the command that should create a "symbolic link" from non-existent advanced-cache.php to file phase1 of the plugin couldnt be run manual so this step just left me behind wondering what it is for)
    anyway: after setting folders to chmod 777 and activating the plugin, the options-page finally completely appeared (and the error telling a missing link to advanced-cache.php was gone)
    Now i have the problem that caching dont seem to work, as the options-page keeps telling me that 0 files are cached and the comment in the source-code doesn't show up
    eg: <!-- Dynamic Page Served (once) in 0.099 seconds -->
    <!-- Cached page served by WP-Cache -->
    what am i missing? anyone else had similar problems?
    btw: gzip is off.
    thanks in advance!

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