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  • I need a caching solution for my blogs.

    After checking the list of of compatible plug-ins for WP 2.5, I downloaded and installed WP-Cache.

    After I activated the plug-in, I went to its configuration page and was surprised to see the ‘gzip compression is active in WordPress’ warning. As far as I know, WP 2.5 leaves the compression to the server. On my server gzip compression is indeed active.

    I edited the plug in to comment-out the gzip compression checking and now the plug-in’s settings page says that caching is enabled.

    However, testing revealed that the plug in has no effect. The cache folder is empty and it seems that the plug-in simply doesn’t work.

    The server is running Apache2 with PHP 5 and WordPress is at version 2.5.

    Any help? Any robust caching solution recommendation?

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  • jbravo556, did you upgrade from an earlier version of WP?

    If so there is a chance that the gzip compression option is still set in your db even though WP 2.5x doesn’t use it. Search the wp_options table for an option_name of ‘gzipcompression’ and set it’s option_value to ‘0’, then try wp-cache again.

    @dleber Thanks for that tip. I was having the same issue and changing that value from ‘1’ to ‘0’ did the trick!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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