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  • arcanewinter


    I’m using the current version of WP-Cache (2.1.1) and WordPress 2.2.2. Whenever WP-Cache is enabled, passworded posts are cached and cannot be viewed: i.e. user enters password, but the page refreshes to show the password box again. If the password is entered on the front page, however, and then the same post is found by viewing a category’s page, then the passworded post is revealed.

    From reading the few other instances of this issue, I see that WP-Cache is supposed to allow for passworded posts, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me no matter what browser I try (Firefox, Flock 0.9, IE). I tried to force it by including a string to be ignored, but that didn’t help either.

    A hard refresh of the page doesn’t resolve it, and the cookie is being set.

    Here is a test post:

    the password is test1ng

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