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  • I’ve noticed that in the list of cached pages under wp-cache there is duplication of my home page. I’m worried that this this might also mean that Google is picking up my home page as being duplicated.

    In order to avoid duplication I use the Permalink Redirect plugin to redirect all URLs ending in a slash to the version without the slash. (I’d noticed that in Google Webmaster Tools both versions had been showing up with their own stats).

    As it happens, both URLs that are showing up in the file list have the trailing slash:

    They have different cache times so it’s not a display glitch.

    Anyone have any idea what’s going on and how to prevent this duplication?

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    This is a serious issue. If you have wp-cache installed and it’s generating duplicate pages then it’s potentially hazardous to your site’s ranking in Google.

    Anyone else seeing this? Is there a problem? Anyone found a solution?

    Thanks for the suggestion, but that plugin is irrelevant to my site. I don’t have a problem with duplication because of archives and category page, which on my site contain only excerpts.

    What I’m talking about is a Page (my home page, as it happens) that is appearing twice in wp-cache with exactly the same URL both times. If there are two cached versions of the page then Google can presumably find them both and decide that I have duplicate content. That might explain why my site has slid for my main keyword from 5th to anywhere between 15th and 19th.

    If this affects me then presumably this can affect anyone using wp-cache.

    This is normal behavior for wp-cache, and doesn’t imply that more than one URL is in play for the same page.

    When a visitor leaves a comment in WordPress, they are given a cookie so that upon a revisit their personal info can be pre-populated into the comments form.

    Wp-cache keeps a different version of each page for each unique cookie that comes in (since in the case of a page with pre-populated data in the form the page _is_ different). Wp-cache does this for all pages, regardless of whether there is a form on it or not.

    When you log into your admin panel, you get a cookie. You will notice that if you visit a page when you are logged in and again when you are not, you’ll get 2 copies cached by wp-cache.

    Thank you, mmwp99. It’s good finally to have an answer to my concerns. Much appreciated.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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