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  • Last week i got first time hands on a “branch” of the brand new WordPress 2.7. Began to love it more and more while testing the new features (detailed list in German only, but everyone here know the facts).

    While checking out the new “comment”-functions (“reply to a reply”, “paginated comments”) I got the idea, to use all this now-on-board stuff, to turn a WordPress Blog to a bulletin board.

    What should I say … it’s running right now.

    The whole system is based on a template, so no one will need to edit core files of WordPress, so it will be safe for updates, the system will never stop working, after updating WordPress.

    WP-Bulletinboard will only work with WordPress 2.7.x

    Please let me know what do you think about this way of using our beloved blog system.

    Please note:

    There are some tables in the template right know because the project is a proof of concept thing. A bunch of functions are not implemented right now.

    better looking theme, register and login are for everyone (real bulletin board-like), no idea right now with the “posting” page, it would be possible to simply use the one, WordPress will have … maybe there are to many functions for clueless people, so I will maybe build a new template file with some input fields. The most important thing will be, that people who write a new post in a forum (a category in real) should not be able to select the forum (the category) by self. In pendency of which forum (category) they are viewing, the link to write a new post should know where to put the content in. (ouch… I hope you can follow me, english isn’t my native language).

    Ok everybody, if you’ve read to here, check all project informations there:

    nice evening,

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  • Don’t understand the purpose. Ok with doing a great boardplugin for WordPress that’s easy to style (not as bloated as simple:press…) etc.. but doing a whole forum with WP? Why? 🙂

    Would be better to just get Automattic’s bbPress

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