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  • I have been uploading PDF files along with my posts.
    I have found that sending the PDF to the editor has different results.

    Using “Send to Page” I get this result:
    – OK that works

    Using “Send to File” I get two results:

    The first one is correct and what I am looking for, but the second is just plain wrong.
    I think this is a WP bug.

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  • I’m experiencing the same problem.

    One time it works fine and puts in the correct uploads directory. The next time it puts it at top level.

    I did more testing on this today and it sure appears to be a wordpress bug.

    I tested it using both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    I tested it with the visual text editor turned on and off.

    If I upload a PDF and select:

    – Linked to file, using Title, Send to Editor

    it works the first time, placing the file correctly in /wp-content/uploads/2006/09/

    Thereafter, if I try various combinations with the same file it’ll sometimes put it in the /wp-admin/ directory and sometimes at the top level but never again in the proper uploads directory unless I save/publish and start over.

    Strange. Frustrating.

    I have the same problem and found that its a known bug:

    There is a fix as well…

    The same problem still occurs in WP 2.05 (I’m using the 2.05 DE-Edition from, hope their 2.05 is based on the same 2.05 as available for download from

    I fixed it as mentioned at trac (link above), but the buggy line number in 2.05 is #268 instead of line #251 in v.2.02

    Will the problem generally be fixed in the next build?


    The problem affects all filetypes excepting pics like gif, png, jpg.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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