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  • linickx


    Hi All,
    I guess this is both an “installtion” & “support” topic, and since I didn’t want to x-post I though here was best 😉

    My hosting company (should I mention their name) have recently upgraded their cPanel:

    PHP version 4.4.0
    MySQL version 4.1.14-standard
    cPanel Build 10.2.0-STABLE 83

    I had a working copy of wp 1.5.1 prior to the upgrade, and now my site is blank ( , it looks like php is ending due to a syntax error (well this kind of blank page is what I get if I forget the ; at the end of a line on my scripts 🙂 )

    I’ve also tried installing a fresh copy of wp 1.5.2 at , but as you can see that too is blank. When running wp-admin/install.php the script ended at step2, and only displayed half the page. So does that mean the DB connection is broke ?

    Has anyone else had similar problems, and anyone help me / offer advise so I can get my site back online ?

    Thanks Very Much

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  • TechGnome



    I had a similar problem on a site (non-WP) that I run. Turns out the host had moved the MySQL servers and the IP I originaly had no longer worked. Once I refeshed to the new address, it was a-OK again.




    I keep going over the config, and can’t see what wrong 🙁

    It’s comming to me installing a linux box with cpanel on it & seeing if that works or if it’s something the hosting company has done !



    It sounds like something that your host ought to fix for you, since they broke it.



    That’s what I told them, but check their response :-@

    Okay, i have looked into the problem, and to be honest with you i cannot find anything wrong, i have checked the with the word press website, and we have all of the script requirements, but it still will not work.

    From here on, i would recommend you contacting the script supplier, and reporting the problem to them, or looking through their forums to find a fix for it.

    We do not support coding of other peoples scripts, however we will troubleshoot them for you, which we have done.

    I’m just stuck, left without a way forward.



    find a new host 🙂




    linickx – if you want contact me via my site (clicky on my username) and I’ll see if there’s something I can do. I’ll need some info on loggin into cpanel and possible ftp as well. I’ll also be in the #wordpress irc chat room after 6ish my time (I’m -6 GMT).


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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