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  • I started using WordPress back in May. I started skinning the site but then stalled out for awhile. Now I’m back with Wuh-Wuh, which I like. The template is not a straight out of the box WP template but it’s what I like. It seems to look okay in FireFox. Let me know of any weird behaviors in any other browsers besides Firefox, IE6, NS7, Opera 6 and Avant (those are the ones I have available to test with). On a Windows platform, so Mac users should weigh in with problems and I’ll see what I can do. You have 20 skins to choose from, have at it!
    QUERY: I seem to have a problem with the cookie because when I login after I’ve cleared them all out, there’s NO stylesheet applied until you click “Skins” and then apply one, and hit refresh (this is in IE and Firefox). Once you have set one, it seems to stick. But it is weird. Any thoughts? I have a default stylesheet declared in my *.php pages. Thanks everyone!
    WordPress. . . Rock on!

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  • “20 skins to choose from, have at it!”
    Here’s what I get on the 1st seven skins.
    Daisey: doesn’t center
    Pastel Green: text unreadable
    Typewriter: too wide for window
    Baby got Blog: close but no cigar
    Dahlia: doesn’t center/unreadable
    Girl Smoking: layout broken
    Blue Yellow Flower: not centered

    XP_FF nitely, I think it means on Firefox nightly build on Windows XP.

    Anon, that was what I thought after I got to looking at it. So many acronyms, so little time. Or perhaps SMASLT!?

    Fix for Girl Smoking:
    Change the width of #menu from 35% to 30%
    Suggestion for Girl Smoking:
    Center the layout.

    See Smoke Girl Fixed and Centered:

    See Smoke Girl after 29 of 33 error warnings were fixed.
    Fix the remaining document errors, and you should be good to go.

    Joni, I love your skins, great job! 🙂

    Joni, are any of these for public use? Would you mind sharing them?

    See Smoke Girl after 9 CSS errors were fixed. The CSS is now valid (embedded)

    And if that’s not enough, you may want to revise your CSS so that the text can be zoomed in IE, too. Right now you have the fonts set in pixels. The Gecko browsers and Opera scale pixels, but not IE. Fonts set with %, em’s, or %/em’s keeps all of them happy, including IE.
    Good luck.

    willneea, thanks for all the tips. I’ll be working on that some this weekend. Also, at the risk of sounding even dumber than I must already appear, as you may have fathomed, all my pages are in HTML 4.01 transitional. I find that there are weird behaviors if I try to go XTML. Maybe it is just a matter of an old dog (me) needing to learn new tricks?
    And your web site. I wish I’d never seen it. If I felt stupid and inadequate before, this is not helping! It’s gorgeous!!!!! And the artwork is absolutely wonderful!!!!
    2fargon I do want to start creating some templates for the WP crowd. But I want to be sure I get them validating and get all the other nits out of them before I start unleashing them on the world. However, I found out (the hard way) that has restrictions on offering design templates based on images from So the short answer is yes, everything except the skins based on images.
    I’m going to be following willneea around like a starving dog. He has contributed some great information throughout this forum (as have others), and I am especially enthralled with!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

    He ?

    “I do want to start creating some templates for the WP crowd. “
    Immediately, and permenately, delete that thought from your mind.
    Trust me, neither one of is capable of doing that!
    If your in the market for a WordPress template, Root’s site is the place to go.
    Here’s a link to his site:

    Well that is very kind plug. But what the Gemini template could benefit from would be some style sheets to fit the new index.php file. @joinmueller you have a nice artistic style. If you worked round Gemini a lot of your positioning and other CSS issues would disappear and you could do your creative thing. Just a thought.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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