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  • This update has a more inclusive (read updated, more entries) list of spammer domains and is compeltely integerated into the wp-admin interface.
    The updated script allow a user to import new blacklists both from exported WP blacklists as well as MT Blacklists without fear of having multiple entries.
    There is also a new export feature that exports your blacklist to a text file which can be shared with other users.
    Another new feature allows you to add single domains and regular expressions from new spam comments that the blacklist did not catch.
    Download the updated zip file containing the whole WP Blacklist application from:

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  • Sweet!
    But… (yeah, I know, bloody bug reports)
    Export is including admin-footer.php – how about instead of break; at the end of the export section of the switch, you just die? Works for me.
    Don’t have a solution just yet, but: it would be nice if there was some way to force a download of a text file, but still get line-ending conversion: with a *nix server and a Windows client, the exported file looks evil. Maybe that’s unavoidable, I’ve never tried (switch whether you put \n or \r\n in the file based on the client OS?).
    addomain’s leaving an open <div> – just need to say echo $answer."<br/></div>";
    But, sweet! I like it.

    If you have the earlier version and would like to use the import/export functions from your admin page, you would need to copy all the files to your wp-admin folder and change the menu.txt as in the readme. The blacklist.txt only contains the list of new domains and does not perform as a script. Your best bet is to follow the instructions in the readme and ignore the part of the instructions that you already have incorporated.

    Maybe also add that those two files can be deleted afterwards.

    Wonderful suggestions MtDewVirus!
    Updated the instructions on the hack.

    thanks LaughingLizard
    I uploaded and re-installed the new spam filter. This works and should be a feature added to the next release of WordPRess

    I installed the black list and now I have to moderate all of my comments even though I have the option set not to, not sure if this is how the BL works. Any suggestions?

    If you have the hack installed correctly, only those comments that match the words/phrases/domains in the blacklist will be tagged for moderation. In your case, either you have an error, or the comments are somehow matching something in the list.

    I just posted a comment to your site without a problem mtanner. 😕

    Thanks MtDewVirus for helping out

    I’ll definitely have to look at integrating this in with my referrer blacklist stuff… I temporarily hacked my referrer blacklist into the comments-post code to use it for both places, but the comments-post blacklisting can be much more, well, ‘intensive’ as it only happens at that moment… the referrer stuff needs to be small and fast, as it runs on EVERY pageload. Thus I use hand-coded arrays in php, rather than a nice (but slow) remote SQL lookup.
    Also a good ‘sample’ for how to build and integrate a new ‘admin module’. Great work there Mark! 😉

    Thanks david. Appreciate it!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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