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    This isn’t something WP Biographia can do automatically. This is because what you’re calling a post’s content is actually a combination of several things. The order and type depends on your theme, but generally a post (or a page) consists of …

    1. the post’s title
    2. the post’s metadata (author, date posted, etc)
    3. the post’s excerpt (if available)
    4. the post’s content (the actual text of the post itself)
    5. the post’s tags

    WP Biographia can automatically add the Biography Box to the start or the end of a post’s excerpt, a post’s content or both. This happens before all of the information that makes up a post is passed to your theme for display.

    To put it another way, WP Biographia has already finished running by the time WordPress tells your theme to output the post’s title, metadata, (final) excerpt, (final) content and tags.

    This isn’t a plugin bug, it’s just the way in which WordPress works.

    There is a work-around though. If you want to ensure that the plugin’s Biography Box appears after a post’s tags, you can edit your theme’s page templates and add a call to one of WP Biographia’s template tags to ensure that the Biography Box appears precisely where you want it to.

    Directly editing your theme isn’t advisable; I’d recommend creating a child theme and change only the template files that you want the Biography Box to appear on. Also don’t forget to configure the plugin to stop it automatically inserting the Biography Box, otherwise you’ll end up with two Biography Boxes.


    Plugin Author vicchi


    Haven’t heard back from you in over 2 weeks so I’m assuming this has been resolved. Feel free to re-open and post back if that isn’t the case.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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