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    No one will probably read this, but I’m going to write and post this anyway. Maybe someone will read this and I won’t have to ask the same set of basic questions again and again. Maybe.

    Got a problem with WP Biographia? Need some help, support or advice? Not sure whether this plugin will do what you want it to do? You’ve come to the right place. But before you post, please read this first …

    Things to read before you post …

    If you’re installing the plugin, read the plugin’s installation notes. This should get you up and running. There’s a more detailed, step-by-step and screen-by-screen guide over at Bending WP Biographia To Your Will.

    There’s lots of information already in place in this forum; please take a few minutes to look through the existing threads; your question might have already been answered or resolved in a recent release of the plugin.

    Look through the Frequently Asked Questions; the list of FAQs grows with each release of the plugin, in direct response to the questions that are asked here. There’s also documentation on the plugin’s shortcode and filters.

    If you have a question about the plugin’s CSS; there’s a guide to this over at Hacking WP Biographia’s Appearance With CSS.

    Things to do before you post …

    • What version of WordPress are you using?
    • What sort of WordPress install are you using? Self-hosted and single site, self hosted and network/WordPress MU site?
    • What theme are you using? What version is it? Where can I download a copy of the theme to test with?
    • Is your theme free or is it commercial or paid for?
    • What plugins do you have installed?
    • What version of WP Biographia are you running?
    • What settings and options do you have configured? Take a look at Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Biographia -> Colophon for a handy copy and paste dump of the plugin’s settings.
    • Have you tried disabling all the plugins? Does this fix the issue? Have you tried re-enabling the plugins one by one. Does this fix the issue?
    • Have you tried swapping your theme back to one of the stock WordPress themes, such as TwentyTen. Did this fix the issue?
    • What’s the URL to your site so I can see the problem happening?

    There’s a slightly more detailed version of these questions over at Asking For WordPress Plugin Help And Support Without Tears.

    Things I can’t help with …

    • If you’re using a commercial or paid for theme; I won’t be able to download the theme and so I won’t be able to even try and replicate your WordPress install to see what the problem might be.
    • If you’re using premium or paid for plugins; see the comment above on commercial themes.
    • If you’ve edited or modified any of the plugin’s source files; this includes the PHP source, the CSS and JavaScript sources.

    If you still have a problem and you’ve read all of the above, then please post away.


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