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  • We discussed this in another thread recently:

    Thank you for your feedback, the problem is fixed in version 1.7.4 which you can download.

    Here’s some technical explanation:

    I looked into it and it seems that the problem is that the plugin relied on wp_head() tag being present in theme header – which is the correct way to make the theme. But if a theme didn’t have that tag present in the header, plugin couldn’t insert in header of HTML the formatting CSS code necessary for plugin to be displayed correctly.
    Now the plugin is changed in a way that if the wp_head() tag doesn’t exist in header (as it should), plugin dumps the CSS into the HTML’s body, which is not a nice thing to do, but at least assures the plugin to be displayed correctly… and it writes a warning in a comment of source HTML code.


    Matej, plugin developer

    I did the download, but the problem still occurs. (my site is:

    thanx Lloy

    I checked your site and I see you have some strange things going on in the category page.
    1. seems like you have double html header fields on the category pages – but that shouldn’t affect the plugin
    2. the plugin is affected by a function displaying post text – this function does some filtering, presumably trying to convert the post to a plaintext, so the format of the plugin output brakes.

    So it’s actually not the plugin’s problem as you might see for example on my category page (look at the last post):


    Thanks, I will look into the category page…Lloy

    Here is what we did to fix the problem.
    In the category template

    <div class=”PostContent” style=”padding-top:0px;”>
    <?php the_excerpt() ?>

    was changed to

    <div class=”PostContent” style=”padding-top:0px;”>
    <?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this post »’); ?>


    I had to disable the pluging because it would think that the time, i.e. 2:45 PM, was a bible reference on my page that features news feeds. Lloy



    The plugin looks great. Do you have any plans to include the English Standard Version (ESV) at somepoint?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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