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    Have I missed it or is the “View This Post” Button from 2.6 now gone in 2.7 when you edit a single post?

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  • its missing from the latest nightly definitely.

    also, its weird that wordpress does not show you an empty post after publishing a post. it sends you to the just posted post. i noticed this behaviour in one of the earlier versions too but they fixed it eventually.

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    I miss the “View This Post” Button from 2.6. I found it very very handy! I hope they bring it back!

    oh it would come back by the RC.

    and i think they would also fix the problem that results in me landing on the saved post page instead of a new post page when i publish a post.

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    ahh good. I have also noticed the problem you are talking about where it returns to the just posted post. I liked it better when it returned to the blank one. Quicker to make the next post!


    Returning to the just-published post is on purpose. More people “brush up” the just published post than immediately begin a new post. After viewing the post on the live site, many users go back and fix typos, clarify a sentence, add categories, etc. When we did testing, users found it frustrating that to do so they needed to click on Manage, then on the the post to get back to what they were doing. Also, new users sometimes think that the blank post form means that their post was deleted. If there are a significant number of people who feel strongly that they’d rather go to a blank new post screen, maybe someone will write a plugin? Maybe in a future version we can make this a preference setting, which type of screen to show after hitting publish, but that extra functionality isn’t part of 2.7.

    oh well this is bad news for me. a preference would have been the best. i hope someone makes a plugin for this…

    wordpress always gave the view/edit links after publish so there was no reason to go to manage and then edit to find the just published post.

    i guess other people think differently from me 🙁

    A lot of people overlooked the text links that appeared in the yellow alert box. But either way, either people who want to keep editing would have needed to click something, or people who wanted to start another post right away would. Like I said, maybe we can make this a preference in the future, but for now we’re going with the more common behavior.

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    Well.. I guess I think differently too then.. because I was more apt to start another post after publishing one. Instead of one or another, just outta pull a page to do either.

    Not sure who it is more common too imho. I mean maybe X number of people tested it… but that small group testing isnt the same representation as non devlopers as a majority who write one post after another would be.

    But thats just my 2 cents.. not trying to argue.

    same here. i don’t mind this new setting if this is liked by majority of the people. just hoping the devs find it important enough to make it a preference setting in the future 🙂

    I like that 2.7 keeps the post in edit after publishing (for quick edits).

    But i miss the ‘View Post’ link to quickly get a front-end peek. No need to get rid of that, even if people overlooked it.

    I also miss the “View Post” button. As it is now, there is no way to view the edited post as the “world sees it”. This is extremely unfortunate when trying to edit many posts at once in chronological order. You need to manually return to the edited post.

    Same here, missing the view this post button. I used this after every post for several blogs and find it quite cumbersome having to navigate the site to see the live versions of pages and posts.

    Anyone know a way to get it in the yellow notification or perhaps a button beside preview?

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    Click the Preview button after publishing. It takes you to the post. There was no point in having two buttons that do the same thing, since both of them just show you the post.

    The yellow box that appears on top after publishing also has a link in it that goes to the post.

    Well the Preview button shows you a preview of the post, which may result in the same page display, but the URL is different, and it can’t be checked for validation, for example. It also can’t be copied and pasted or bookmarked as a regular post.

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