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  • and this is the only place for feedback, discussion, praise and whatever. Please do not use other forums for any discussion on the beta. Posts about the beta elsewhere will be moved here.

    This is a BETA release.
    It is pre-release software, which means that you will run into bugs while using it. If you’re not comfortable using unfinished software, please wait until the final release before downloading it.

    [beta 1 removed]

    Beta-2 Download

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  • > “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: glob()”
    This is due to the version of PHP installed by your hosting company being too old. Glob() was introduced in PHP 4.3 onwards.

    Upgraded about 20 minutes ago and everything is working great πŸ™‚

    Plugins working for me are:

    Extended Live Archives
    CSS Compress
    PXS Mail Form
    Technorati Tagging


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    There are many “success” stories going around of people “upgrading”. Two points:

    1. You are not ‘upgrading’, you are TESTING.

    2. There are people for whom it has not gone right, who did not do complete backups of absolutely everything and who are now having problems getting a working blog.

    Yes…. really folks, do NOT use this on a “LIVE” blog yet! Set up a testsite blog, or don’t GO THERE. Don’t you think it would be seriously scary to lose your whole blog?

    AT LEAST make sure you have a complete backup of your whole installation, themes, plugins, etc. AND your database. TWICE!

    manage|files menu is displaying edit plugin
    See the shot

    Why no fix the search function before the final stage in WP 2.0 and have livesearch options.. should be at least something good at top of everything…

    Really nice thing for wp search should be this

    Is there a list of changes and new features somewhere?

    I’ve looked everwhere!


    Great! I’ve been waiting for this. I plan to try it out somewhere far far away from my actual blog. I’m excited to see the new features in action that I’ve been hearing about so long.

    So what are the new features of WordPress 2.0? Anything worth bragging about?

    Why don’t you download it and try installing it somewhere? πŸ˜‰

    Something very strange: all the images in the directory, including the ones that accompany the installation process as well as theme screenshots, don’t show up during the install process or when browsing the admin pages. I’m using Safari and Firefox on OS X, and their activity monitors tell me the images are “forbidden.” Is there some kind of permissions issue going on with the latest beta download? I’ve tried playing around with permissions on a few directories and files, but I can’t seem to fix the issue. Any thoughts are appreciated!

    Very good works!

    Getting this error with Gallery2.

    The document has moved here.

    Click around in the photos section to see the error.
    Never got this error before updating to 2.0

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 54 total)
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