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    This is a BETA release.
    It is pre-release software, which means that you will run into bugs while using it. If you’re not comfortable using unfinished software, please wait until the final release before downloading it.

    [beta 1 removed]

    Beta-2 Download

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  • Thanks – getting it now! How fun!

    Is there a document about what’s new and known issues somewhere? I’m searching around but can’t seem to find anything. the readme in the zip is for 2.0.


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    Not as far as I know.
    This will have some pointers, but not all:

    thanks podz.

    You’d have to check the bugs people have posted. I haven’t come across too many issues beyond a couple of plugins no longer working and the db backup plugin not backing up files on my Windoze box – a 150Kb gz file containing a 107 byte sql file with just the header in it.

    Plug ins might not work right now. The development team has done their best try for backward compatibility, but sometimes things doesn’t go well always.

    I’ve tested the plug in, and I could download the file (FYI, I’m using Apache 2 and MySQL 4.1.11 on Windows)

    Y’know, there’s gonna be some squirrely-ness due to some hosts upgrading to the 5+ versions of php etc. too…. be nice if they could have waited on that, huh?

    i upgraded as soon as i found out and it worked great. So far these plugins work perfect:
    Google Analytics
    Feedburner Feed ReplacementGoogle Sitemaps

    Anyone wanna test SK2 with it? 🙂

    Ah…. sorry, not I. Never had any luck with it, I’ll stick with other plugins, thanks.

    SK2 seems to work just fine for me.

    Attached images are linking to “page” rather than image even when I change the option to link to image. I even edited the link manually, but when I publish, it links to (which gives no picture, of course) rather than /wp-content/uploads… Have I missed something?

    Following along with poil11’s post above, these plugins are working perfectly for me:

    A Different Monthly Archive
    Bad Behavior
    CJB QuickPost
    McMike’s RandomQOTD
    PJW WordPress Version Check (loads but shows “failed”)
    Referrer Bouncer
    Ryan Boren’s Theme Switcher (needs two selects to load theme)
    Sem Frame-Buster
    Shire Reckoning 2
    WP-Dash (except for the recent posts and recent comments portions, which depend on some user info no longer included)
    WP-Dash World Time
    WP SpamAssassin
    Weather Icon (and the WP-Dash widget of the same name)

    CA-ColorPicker shows the quicktag button but doesn’t actually display the picker; Enhanced Post List is borking on the user_level call….

    Out of 25+ plugins I use, only one (Live+Press) doesn’t work, and it almost works…shouldn’t be too much to get it working.

    After playing around with SK2 it appears that the comment count for posts is not increased if a comment is made while SK2 is activated with WP2B1. Disabling SK2 and commenting “fixes” this so there does seem to be some form of incompatibility.

    Anyone else experience this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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