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  • hi there,

    a customer of mine is using WP 3.4.1, theme: misty look 3.0 (german), bannerize 3.0.62.

    the banner-code is inserted into the template, so each banner shows up neatly in the header.
    it shows up on normal desktop computers using firefox or safari.

    she runs also a little netbook, using chrome with that. and the banners seem not to work there.
    not sure what’s wrong with it. maybe you guys have an idea?

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  • Hello,

    I had a similar issue, all my banners were just plain blank. Strange think was that even then I put direct url to image, all browsers ditn’t show images and said that images were 1×1 size on laptops , but everythink was ok on desktop computers. So I just created new folder on my ftp server and copied all images, then changed urls in bannerize settings and everythink came back to normal. I don’t know if that was bannerize problem or just conflict with other plugins. I’m using wp 3.5.1 and wp bannerize 3.0.62.

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