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  • The method you use to use the group name as the div class is somewhat flawed in that if you have a space in the group the class won’t be valid.

    Group = Big Banners
    Class = wp_bannerize_Big Banners

    You should probably replace spaces with underscores so that the classes are valid. In my case i’m matching groups to actual categories, so I need to have spaces in the group names.

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  • @ftlslacker: It’s correct. I check asap the code and fix all.

    Thanks for suggestion


    @ftlslacker: check rel.2.6.8

    I’ve already modified the plugin to the point where I won’t be able to upgrade. But it was a pretty easy fix. Other changes I’ve made or will be making:

    1) Add an impressions counter
    2) Add a max impresssion setting
    3) Add a fallback feature (rotate certain ads when no specific target add exists)
    4) Add a log for verifying its working properly
    5) Add start and stop dates

    I’ve already done 1) through 4). Its not difficult. Your plugin is pretty easy to follow.

    You need at least 1) and 2) to make your plugin commercially viable. You have to know how often an ad is viewed even on the smallest of sites.

    @ftlslacker: great right suggestion!! Thank U very much

    I will happy to improve all in next release


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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