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  • There is a new version of Wp Backup and Restore available which is completely integerated into the WordPress admin interface and controlled by user levels.
    Features include, as before, backup and restore of your WordPress database on the fly and backup of your WordPress directory for local storage. Very easy install. Please post bugs on here.
    Download location:
    Found a small bug. If you had downloaded the files before this message appeared in the thread, please re-download.

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  • Any reason not to just grab the code from phpMyAdmin?

    I can’t use it too, as functions: exec,system,dl,passthru,chown are disabled by my hosting provider (Dreamhost) for security reasons…

    Dummie query:
    Everything seems to be working just fine . I’m told that the backup was succesful and that I can download the file from my backup-folder. But there is no *.sql file in the folder – most likely because I have to assign write permisson the backup-folder!
    But how do I do that?

    @alexkingorg: I am looking into that.
    @anavy: Wait for the next version, that should have the workaround.
    @martin: you can change permissions either through your ftp client (look for a right click menu or a button, I am not sure what you use and thus am no help) you could also ask your web provider for instructions.

    Thanks for the tip!
    I changed the permissions to chmod 777 for the backup-folder – and now I get a 404, when I try to access the *.sql-file – simply because no file is generated…!
    Any ideas?

    You might have the same problem as some of the other people on this thread (exec, system diabled for security reasons)
    Please wait for another update (soon…within a couple of weeks)

    Will do! – and thanks again 🙂

    Does this mean, that there is no chance to move a blog from one server to another?
    I’m new to WP and tried it on a different place. The backup “behaves” like Martin’s (install OK, but no files in /backup)

    @stip: Not at all!! This backup is just an integerated and convenient way of doing what you could with many many other tools. To move your blog from one domain to the other, you would copy all your files from your old domain to your local computer and then back to the new domain. Then you would use some MySql tool like phpMyAdmin (or anything else provided by your host, check with them) to backup your database. Then you would restore the database with the same (or some other tool) onto your new server. The fact that this particular backup/restore method does not work for you, does NOT mean you cannot backup. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

    There have been some problems associated with “pasthru” for this backup script and there is an update to it which takes care of just that.
    You can download it from here:
    I would appreciate if bugs were posted on here.
    All changes listed in the readme.txt

    The backup11 seems to work perfectly fine for me (the ‘old’ version wouldn’t write any files, i’m guessing it was the mentioned server ‘safety’ settings).
    I’ve only used the backup feature so far though. I’ll be switching servers this weekend, and will let you know how it goes.
    Thanks for the wonderful work!

    🙂 Thanks! Keep the feedback coming!

    Just thought of something would make for a nice add-on to this great hack.
    Where you list Database files in the backup directory
    What if the file names were links to the files so that they could be easily downloaded from within the WP Admin? What about also adding a link to delete each file?

    Another idea…when you backup files, it includes the backup folder, so you may be backing up backups, backups of backups, etc. By doing this, the files could get rather large.
    Is there a way to eliminate backing up the backup folder in this process?

    First idea is easy, though delete would require a little bit of code (unlink the files)
    Second idea is workable, but tougher to implement. I did have to wrangle with the code to prevent an infinite loop. 😉
    I will look into those, dont know when they will get done though.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 77 total)
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