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  • It really depends on the size of your wp-content folder. The copying process will try to complete but the plugin fails after 5 minutes anyway. In the past, there were issues for one user trying to backup with several gigs of backup-buddy zips in their wp-content directory.

    Could you provide me with FTP details (email to and I’ll take a look?



    but the plugin fails after 5 minutes anyway.

    Is this also true of the Power version? I have one very large old site and was thinking I could do it with that but I am certain it would take longer than 5 minutes. The .sql file alone is about 300Mb.


    Sorry for the delay! WP Backitup Pro simply allows you to easily restore your backups.

    The large sql file shouldn’t pose too much of an issue as it is just a single file. The plugin does run into trouble if you’ve got thousands of very large files in your wp-content folder.

    Out of interest how many posts/pages does your site have to yield a DB of over 300MB?

    Plugin fails after 15 minutes which should be enough for even particularly large sites. That said, its possible folks will get bored or think the plugin has crashed before this time limit elapses. I’ll look to improve the speed with which the plugin backs up and perhaps allow the process to run in the background and email the site owner when the process has been completed. Again, these features will appear in WP Backitup Pro version first.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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