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  • Hi, here is the new version of my plugin.

    This is a music player for your WordPress, you can upload MP3 or WAV files and your users will be able to listen to music from the page without installing additional programs . Flash Player is required for the web client.

    New features:

    – Compatible with WordPress 1.5
    – Removed the flash interface of the player, the flash files does only weight 946 bytes now and it’s invisible.
    – New theme system incorporated.
    – It now allows using external hosted audio files if its url is introduced.
    – Solved the 2mb upload limit issue using a perl script.
    – Allowed the automatic reproduction of an audio file.
    – You can now create links in your WordPress theme to play independent files.
    – Added a new tag for your posts in WordPress <now_listenig></now_listening> to add a link to the audio file.
    – It generates a feed, useful for podcasting.

    All the feedback are welcome.

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  • Can you allow it to stream off a different server? I have a MP3 server and a seperate server for my blog.

    Yes, external hosting is allowed.

    Have you submitted this to the plugin competition?

    🙂 First, I want test the plugin.

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    whenever i try to upload a song it brings me to the file, and all i see is the text on a new paeg….why is this?

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    X Ennis, do your hosting allow PERL scripts? . Contact with me by email.

    Hi. I installed your music player plug-in, but I am not quite sure I got the files in the right directory…I know you said all other files go in the wp root directory, but my root wp directory doesn’t have a wp-music folder. So I made one, but I had to put it in the wp-content directory–for some reason I couldn’t just make one under the wp folder itself. Am I making any sense? It was added to my plug-in list in the Admin panel in WP and I activated it, but when I went to upload a file, it gave me a page that said this:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-music/cgi/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

    Help 🙂 I really want to use this! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    Poetdiva, I wanted to bump this and find out if you got it worked out.

    No 🙁 I haven’t figured it out. I know when I go to the site on my Mac at work, an error message comes up on the page initially, saying it is unable to load the player.

    Hmmm, I’m going to try and install it this week and see if it works for me. Hopefully AutomaticJack can work this out for you in the meantime.

    Nothing still poetdiva? I’m going to try and install this today. Automatic Jack…?

    hi folks!
    if you need a working solution fast – try radio.blogs
    works like a charm – i set it up on a page
    small file – free download – plugs in easily – customizable – just what i wanted and you might like as well…

    I also design a small flash mp3 player.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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