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  1. jfriesen
    Posted 11 years ago #


    I'm interested in finding a PHP app that handles RSS news publishing and syndication. My requirements are:

    * PHP / MySQL
    * open source
    * rich text editor, with media manager (something like TinyMCE or FCKeditor)
    * can have an unlimited number of article categories, each of which can be syndicated via RSS individually
    * articles can be associated with multiple categories
    * also generates JS code for publishers to use to drop feeds on their site(s)
    * feeds can be configured to display headlines only, first x number of characters, or full article text with images
    * user commenting
    * not required, but curious: RSS ads - text ads within a feed that link directly to an advertiser website rather than an article URL
    * fully customizable index.php page

    From what I've gathered, WP handles most of this, but...

    Does WP have a rich text editor?

    Can it generate JS for feeds, or is there a plugin that will do this? (See an example of this here: http://nicheretail.ipc.partnercentric.com/affiliates/default.aspx. This is used for product info, but would be used for article publishing in my circumstance.)

    Are feeds totally customizable?

    What about RSS ads? Can a text ad be inserted into a feed? Has anyone married phpAdsNew with WP RSS feeds?

    I don't need a full blown portal or CMS. I'd also like to avoid having to modify an app extensively to do what I need. I would however be willing to have a plugin developed to add a specific functionality to WP.

    All comments appreciated,

  2. jfriesen
    Posted 11 years ago #

    On further research, I think WP will serve my needs.

    For JS generation, it looks like I can use Feed2JS and Magpie to generate the code.

    What I'm still wondering about is:

    * Are there CONCISE instructions around for integrating FCKeditor or TinyMCE into WP?
    * How to drop phpAdsNew text ads into a feed?
    * How much can you customize the layout of a feed?

    JF ;)

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