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  • Hi,
    for my next Project i’m looking for a CMS. WordPress is nice and easy to use and i would like to use it as a “normal” CMS. Are there some examples (ideas, solutions etc.) how to use WP as “normal” CMS?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    What do you mean by ‘normal’ ?

    “normal” = usual, not only for bloging, classic, not posted- but content-oriented etc.
    greetings = “normal” cms with blogging api and “confusing” taxonomy as I might add 😉
    WP = blogging and it’s good at that. I don’t see why one would want to force it into something it is not when there are other scripts that suit different needs. Then again it depends on one’s definition of a “CMS”, a normal one even! Course, WP can be pushed towards a “normal” CMS with plugins galore and hacking a plenty.

    Well, I don’t consider my website a blog. I “post” articles and seperate them into catergories but would happily dispense with the dates becuase they don’t really relate to the content.
    I keep the site looking simple for a few reasons, one being that it’s easy to navigate (ihope, comments welcome!) and two becuase I’m not very good at design.
    Maybe we should define exactly what a blog is.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    Last modified: Monday, March 08, 2004
    (n.) Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.
    (v.) To author a Web log.
    Other forms: Blogger (a person who blogs).

    Thanks for the info but I meant in the deeper sense. I think the key phrase in the definition is “personal journal”. Lots of “blogs” seem to reference news stories and then comment upon them, but that’s not blogging, or is it?
    One other point doesn’t all writing “often reflect the personality of the author”?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    About your last point – no.
    It reflects only that personality that the author wishes to be viewed.
    I could start an ’emo’ blog, or a sXe, or a communist blog (all blogs are equal!! 🙂 ) and write them in an impassioned way, but unless I were to reveal I was doing it for fun, to provoke, then someone could take what I was posting seriously.
    It is very very easy to create an online persona that bears little semblance to the real life person tapping the keyboard. You could argue that this does in fact reveal something about their personality, but that revelation can only occur if you know that the 2 are so different.
    ‘Personal Journals’ – I suppose so, hence the super-abundance of people wanting to write so much online, yet hide it from so many people as well. If it’s online, it is findable. If it’s password protected, then that’s only as good as the people who know the password. And your online security about such posts is only relative to the skills of the person trying to gain access to it. If it really is that secret, and you really don’t want people to read it, store it as a text file that is heavily encrypted and don’t put it online.
    As for what blogging is …. what you make it I guess. I’m in one way ‘lucky’ in that I don’t have to bother too much with what I say coming back to haunt me, but I do know of people not being so lucky …. Google isn’t your friend all the time.

    Fair point about the reflection of the personality of the author, can’t argue with that. The exact prhase included “often” though. 🙂
    Sorry to hijack your topic. Completely unintentional.

    Perun, take a look at CHAITGEAR. I decided the end of last year that WP was a perfect base for a CMS, and have been happy with the decision.
    And I’d agree that NOBODY has a singular ‘correct’ definition for ‘blog’ at the moment…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    planetphillip – true, my apologies. I just hopped straight onto one of my soapboxes 🙂

    thanks to davidchait and planetphillip for the examples.
    Sorry, it was not my intention to start a hot discussion about what is blogging and what not. I think everybody has his own definition.
    I don´t want to “change” WordPress into a CMS. I know that WordPress was developed as a Weblog software.
    But since I like working with WordPress (it is easy to understand and use and supplies clean code), I thought about the possibility of using it as a CMS, by making some changes and maybe adding some features.
    I tested some “real” CMS, like Mambo, Typo, Xoops etc., but they are much too complex for my projects. None of the tested CMS are so easy to use as WordPress is.
    These are the reasons, why I was wondering whether maybe someone else before me had had the same thoughts about using WordPress in a different context than Weblogs. If so, it wouldn´t be the first time that a software is used in a different field than the one it was originally developed for.

    No apologies neccessary.
    I forgot to add that doesn’t do everthing I wanted I also use coopermine, Olate (download), cplinks and phphbb. This combination gives me the exact features I want but at the cost of having to modify them to look similar. Which I might add I haven’t really got to grips with. The point I’m trying to make is don’t be afraid to find specialist software to agument WordPress.

    Well, then. 1.5 is out, but still it is not really usuable for someone who just wants a “about me” page or a small company website.

    Why not give wordpress a “non-blog” mode with standard features, like

    – decide yourself in which order you want to sort articles,
    – decide yourself in which order you want menu items be seen,
    – built-in contact form,
    – fixed “first page” article.

    WP has a great base but restricting its functionality to blogging is a stupid waste.


    why is it not usable for someone who wants an about me page? I have one on my website and it took my all of 2 minutes to create. I also created a contact page as well in the same amount of time just with wordpress. if you took the time to learn about all the features that are available along with the plugins that are out there, you could accomplish the 4 items you listed out in no time.

    Before you start calling WP a waste, you should really figure out what you’re working with.


    can you tell me the adress of your website, so that i can have a look at it?

    p.s. i did not say that wp was a waste but i said that restricting its functionality is a waste.

    best wishes,


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