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    I have spent time reading on the forum but feel like I need to ask my question to understand what I need to do. This must be very basic, but I’ can’t figure it out. Thanks for your help.

    I installed WP to run as a very light CMS to a very simple site which is mainly a portfolio with about and contact page – all linked from a home page with the business description, the menu links, and excerpted posts (that link to a blog page) floated to the right of the description.

    I will worry about the blog and the plugin I need to display 3-5 posts on front page later. For now I’m stuck on a very basic php / architecture question:

    When I’m writing a page on the front-end, what is the name of the body text that I’m typing in the box? So I can include it in my index.php code? I wiped it clean except get_header and get_footer and wanted to put several enclosing divs and the navigation menu in index.php. What does WP call this on the front-end, and where do I need to put it in my code? I have coded xhtml for header information and written two divs below the #menu to hold the page content, but the content isn’t showing up because I don’t know what php to call it.

    (ps – I used the popular static home page plugin and wrote the page I want for the home with slug “home”)

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  • This image is a mockup of what I want to do…


    not able to view image buddy please provide correct url




    I understand that I need to create the design of my static page in xhtml and css, and I did that. It’s what to put in my index.php file, however, to pull my Pages’ content (title and <p> or body text) to each particular Page. I was hoping that once I understand the structure for the index, that all the other Pages will make easy sense.

    For example, looking at the screenshot link, I want the “Quality and Affordable Web Design” heading in the title of a Write/Page field and the 2 paragraphs below it in the text field when I write a new Page. Since I’ve cleaned out my index.php file, what do I put back in it to do this? I’m assuming from what I read that it’s not the Loop but something else.




    perhaps the paucity of replies can be attributed to one both of the following:

    your fist post was extremely confusing.. you havent been to clear since then ..


    now its clear you are a ‘designer’ ..

    I’ll tell you my short opin. on helping designers:

    I’m hesitant to help when I feel like someone is willing to pick my brain for the sole purpose of showcasing their own work.

    And thats exactly what you want to do. (Arguably thats what everyone here wants to do, I realize, but self-professed “professional-paid-anythings” really bother me)

    Of course im not the only one reading your thread… so my suggestion would be to ask specific questions, and lay off the images.. coders like to look at code- not images.

    I apologize for my lack of clarity, and you are very wrong in your assumption. I came here to get help, not to showcase my work. I am 2 weeks into WP and literally don’t know what to do next to get these Pages up, so I came here for help. I have only spent a total of 3 hours on the WP forum; I didn’t know it was in bad taste to post images! I thought that would help you see what I’m trying to do. Here is a link to a site with the similar idea I want (and it is not my work!) if that would help:


    Since whooami is bothered by me, is there anyone else out there who really wants to help? I just started freelance web design last year, so I can assure you that I don’t feel very confident in “my work” yet. I didn’t even get my degree in this – I’m doing it late at night when my 3 kids are asleep – all the more reason to work very hard and all the more reason to feel frustrated at something that should be more simple than I am making it. (And just to be clear I code every site in the back-end with html/css. Please don’t assume I’m ignorant about standards.)

    Everything I’m reading says something to the effect of “code what you want into the index.php file….” I know what I want in xhtml and css, but I don’t know how to make it work on the front-end (which template tags to leave in). I apologize if this is unclear, but that’s because I don’t know what I’m doing.




    youve missed the point ..

    dont put words in my “mouth”

    1. I said nothing about bad taste. What I suggested was written to HELP you get more replies.
    2. When I said showcase, I was referring to your site. You seemingly want to make a site that showcases your talents as a designer, and get (free) help here to do it. THATS what I am talking about.
    3. Dont take what I said personally — I was incredibly diplomatic and didnt make my reply personal.

    Finally, you are still not clear on what you are trying to do with wordpress. The links nice but doesnt tell me a lot.

    If as you say, you dont know what you are doing.. ie, you cannot describe what you are trying to accomplish, surely NO-ONE can help.

    Since you mentioned template tags — take a look at default themes index.php for a good example of what needs to be left in.

    Thanks for clearing that up (#2) – my response is, yes, I am here to do that, but I’m also here to get help to use WP on 3 other sites for other people in a similar way. My dilemma is that I’ve hand-coded sites for a few other clients, and now I have no way for them to maintain them. I considered TXP but came to the conclusion that WP would be best for what I want to do.

    I’ll try to make this more clear the best I can. I want to include some content on each Page of the site, but I don’t want it to look like a blog post (no comments, meta info, etc.). In html this would be <p>s and headings wrapped in <div>s, but to save time I don’t want my clients (or myself once the site is designed) to have to hand-code into the editor on the Write/Page of WP every time an update is needed, so I need to know what WP is pulling from my index file to put that content on a Page when I Write/Page. From what I’ve read in the codex, this can be different for each Page, right? But I don’t want the Pages to look like posts unless it’s the blog page. So what do I put into the index file to get my heading and 2-3 paragraphs to show up on each of the other Pages (like the “pricing info” and “about” info. on the site I linked to)?

    You can still use PHP includes if you want to, if that helps. I’m still not clear what you’re after. And unless and until you can articulate that, I’m afraid we’ll all be grasping at straws.

    Whoami is always helpful; to some s/he may appear caustic. But the advice is *always* solid. That aside, I too am a web designer whose design focus is on WordPress. I have learned a lot by coming to these support forums. I suggest you do some reading, starting with the codex’s articles about page heirarchy, the “loop” (and how to use it), and as whoami suggested, template tags. Set up a WP sandbox and play around in it, don’t be afraid to “blow it up”!

    And keep in mind that you can have more than one “loop” on a page; you can tell WP what to put in each of those “loops;” you can create custom page templates for any instance.

    I’m not going to put a link to my web design site here, but you can find it in my user profile. The front page has some static text on it and two WP loops. The first loop contains the Latest News. The second loop is an excerpt only and only for the category “Site Launch.” The single.php page uses a plugin to tell WP to display the latest 10 entries from the “Site Launch” category. The About Us and Web Hosting pages are custom templates.

    So you can see that WP can do just about anything you ask it to.

    I hope the ideas I’m throwing out help you. Good luck with your design venture.

    Thanks so much. I will be taking a look at your pages later today and hopefully coming back to be more specific and clear if I am still confused.

    I think it understand it for the most part now. I just took the classic index template and took out the php that I thought was all blog-related until I was left with what I wanted (the storycontent and content php code)… then I was able to style it with CSS and works great now.

    Sorry for all of the confusion, but I do appreciate your time. Thanks again.

    Cathy Tibbles


    Hi there, I am learning some basic stuff about wp and php’s, and templates. You probably know a lot more than I, but the days I’ve spent on this site, I’ve seen some helpful files here: and the article has lots of helpful links to individual tags and commands to use within WP php files.

    Hope this helps!
    Cathy/ Multitalentedmommy

    Just wanted to chime in and give this link. It helped me learn how to create my own custom themes. He does an excellent job of explaining things. Hope it helps you!

    So, you want to create WordPress themes, huh?

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