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  • I know this has been addressed (somewhat unsatifactorily) here before, but I’ve got a question or two that someone can hopefully help me out with.
    I’ve currently got a PostNuke site (btw, any chance of a PostNuke importer, Matt? ;)) that is really way more than I need for the site running on it. (Not to mention slow and clunky.) The main thing I like about it is its ability to neatly categorize and display downloads. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might replicate this in WP? [See the download page for what I mean.]
    I think most of the other functionality in PN that I use can be duplicated either in WP 1.2 or the various plugins/hacks available, but any random suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • You could use LL’s wiki/static pages hack, but then each time you upload a new file you will have to manually edit the downloads.php page, that would be powered by the static pages hack.
    I ventured to post this since random suggestions are okay by you 😉

    Fargon, that’s a thought. I guess I was more asking if there are any download manager sort of hacks out there, but if not, that could work. Thanks. 🙂

    How about….
    You have a “Downloads” category.
    You have subcategories within this category, say like
    1.”Tools” and
    When you want to make a new file available for download, just upload the file, link to it in a new post and publish under the appropriate category.
    Now all you will have to do is create a custom category page for “Downloads”, like we already have narchives.php for nicer-archives and/or the subcategories within.
    This way your “users” will also know when a new file is available for download.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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