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  • What do you do when you want to move a well-trafficked site of ~3000 flat files to some sort of CMS? Well, after auditioning a number of large CMS solutions (and their support communities) I decided to try WordPress.

    After weeks of work (as in 8-hour-a-day work) on structure, layout, and finally subsystems to do things like display article titles in a sidebar, I relaunched late last night:

    There are some nagging issues to fix (WP-ContactForm seems to want to dwell far down at the bottom of the contact page, the left-side items are a couple of pixels off in Win IE, my old flat-file pages seem to break the CSS somehow, and the stylesheet needs pruning badly) but for the most part, it’s been satisfying to see it go so well.

    Congrats to the WP development team and everyone here who’s answered my stupid questions. I know there’ll be more. 😉

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  • How easy was the import of the static HTML pages?

    I am considering moving a somewhat smaller site (< 500 pages) to WP.

    I would need to import the contents of one directory as posts and of the others as WP static pages. The HTML is fairly consistently structured so I basically need to import the contents of the <title> tag as the page title and the contents of the first <div> as the page contents. On problem is that it is not XHTML.

    How hard does it sound?

    Well, I didn’t import the static pages – instead I created a header and footer to wrap them in that matches the WP-driven portion (or should – the CSS behaves differently for some reason). It’s actually better in the long run than databasing them, I think.

    But I would imagine there’s a script somewhere for that.

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