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  • I’m still thinking a lot about it, but what I have in mind is moving a community site of my own to WP.

    At the moment, the site uses a more or less home made Perl engine with no database and text files instead. There are several “sections” : news, resources, articles, downloads, columns where community members write about their thoughts and lives, and a forum.
    I’ve tried several CMS like *nuke, *xoops and stuff, but none really satisfies me, for various reasons (crap url’s, code as complex as hell so you just can’t modify things, tons of useless features, ….). And for many of these various reasons, I tend to think more and more about WP.

    A particular matter I have in mind is performance. My host isn’t that strong and I dont want to install a mySQL hogger that will bring the site on its knees when 50 people connect at the same time. And performance isn’t an easy criteria to select with, since every platform claims to be lightweigth and highspeed.

    So, I’m asking for feedback ideas and opinions : either you think I’m crazy for this or that reason, know the perfect cms, and I’d like to hear about your opinion. Or you think it’s not crazy, even may know about a rather big site using WP, and I’d like to hear about this too 🙂

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  • You’re going to get a lot better performance out of using MySQL than flat files, simply for the reason that as files get bigger, the longer it takes to search through the file to find the appropriate text, whereas with MySQL it will scale quite nicely.
    I don’t think there is a perfect CMS, but I’m sure WP can certainly be modified to be a full-fledged CMS.
    Check out this forum, some talk of integrating phpBB in WP (and have!), others talk of the same thing you are.

    I use WordPress, integrated with miniBB and DWODP to power a“>genealogy news site
    So far we haven’t had any problems with it falling over. The one problem I’ve had and still have is integrating the site search – ie the search engine can’t search MiniBB and vice versa….

    My hacked WP have about 100-110 queries on main page 😮 but still, load time is under 1-2secs…
    Regards, MaxT

    A good starting point is OpensourceCMS:
    I think it really depends on what you are looking for at the end and how much work you want to do using an open source product like WordPress to become the system that is closest to your ideas. If it is a news publication, I think WordPress is an ideal solution, but if you want to have a lot of other integrated sections (ie Forums, Personal Messaging to Users, Gallery, etc), WordPress is less equipped unless with some tweaking.
    MySQL is definitely the way to go. But, if you are unable to go with a host with a database, I think Pivot is an excellent solution for a flatfile system. Which, by the way, Pivot has some amazing media handling features that I wish WordPress will eventually develop a la Alex King’s Photo system. Media handling is the weakest imo on a lot of systems, especially for a CMS type setup.
    More powerful solutions like Typo3 (great customization, huge learning curve, huge footprint) and Xaraya (rewrite of PostNuke, interesting development, semi large footprint) can be daunting just because they offer a lot more options/customization.
    So, I think if you are a little more specific in your final goals, I am sure someone here could lead you in the right direction.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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