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  • By your experience, could be possible turn a part of wordpress installation into a bulletin board only manipulating templates?

    I explain, you have root categories: blog and forums, into those you put blog|news and forums|category1

    Onto forums|category1|main forum, so you have a 3 levels tree.

    Now we should be able to use blogs templates for blog category and a brand new board template for forums category.

    Newer template should show posts like comments, to get the traditional view of a board post.

    The newer category (forum) template should show lists of posts (threads) like traditional boards forums.

    I’m explainded? Would be a more radically integration, more than bbpress or other forums…

    Simply could be needed only the ability to use 2 or more themes into one installation.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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