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  • I’m looking to launch a few blogs and WP is my prefered blog tool. However, I’d like to find a way to integrate photo capabilities into the blog as well.

    Has anyone integrated any of the photo galleries (Coppermine, etc) into WP? I’d love to see some examples? Ideally I’d like a blogger to be able to create a blog entry and more or less attach images to that entry.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Gallery2 is fine with WordPress 2.0 It’s what I am running, (see further back up the thread), there is even a plugin (search for it in here somewhere) that lets you drag photos from gallery into blog text you are writing….

    If you are interested, I did also a plugin to integrate wordpress and phpwebgallery ( a nice and very easy to use and install photo gallery software, with multiple user and a lot of features ). It works also with wordpress 2.0. The integration is invisible to your visitors. Have a look here! You can download from here

    I’m using Gallery 2 with WP 2, along with the WPG2 plugin – The thing I like about it is that the users from WP become users of the gallery, so it is seamless.

    spider-mitch: cons? hmm… I havn’t had any problems recently and I just upgraded. However I think I will wait to answer that because I need to re-discover Gallery2 and see if I can get the same results with what I have.

    I like coppermine because it, along with the integration plugin, allowed me and my users to have their own individual gallery that they could control on their own. My goal is to make a more automatic type of website. I don’t want to be responsible for uploading, formating, placing images and thumbnails. If Gallery2 or any other gallery can give me this functionality then thats what I want. I usually gut out allot of the progs i use on my site. I am a ‘simplicity addict’ so I strip out any “bloat-i-ness” from applications.

    I’ll get back to ya. 😉

    The only problem (ASAIK) with Gallery2 is some people have issues regarding rewrites but I did not have any of these problems with WP1.5 and suspect it was more a user-error than bad program.

    Gallery2 will give you the functionality you describe so I doubt you will be disappointed. I have not used Coppermine (or others) so I can’t comment on their worth. One word of caution, veryify your hosting company supports the requirements you need for whatever program you choose. (php5.0 for example)

    Also, there are several people who have sucessfully used WP2.0 with Gallery2 and WPG2. I’m just waiting until the developer of wpg2 releases the next update.

    Wow, so much food for thought now. I usually shop around and see what others are doing and I really appreciate all the input and examples. Jillij brought to my attention the phpwebgallery which seem to have the integration that I like. No one else has commented on that one, so I am going to look at that a little more.

    Again, thanks everyone for the input. I usually take a ton of time to make these kinds of decisions, so all of this input helps. It looks like I might end up trying them all out. That will also give me a chance to see about the admin interface. Do most just add the admin to the WP side?

    Now, if anyone has been where I am at, and are very anal, feel free to explain why you chose what you did, and why you didn’t choose the others? Time and inclination permitting of course.

    Thanks again, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with a decision.

    Anyone uses the latest version of photostack? ? It’s one I’ve played around with, but no real experience.


    Coppermine is really tempting me right now. I like the idea of both images and Flash content.

    Quick question (for JoeyE or anyone else)… does either Coppermine or Gallery2 integrate with Flickr’s API? Like JoeyE, I’m into simplicity and automation, so if my Flickr stuff can automatically show up on my site then I just have to worry about doing the Flash files.

    My problem with coppermine right now is the images show up fine on my main page, but when I click on the categories that have those posts, the pics don’t show on the categorie’s page

    Anyone got an Idea what I’m doing wrong?

    Well, I have installed Gallery2 and the plugin. In fact, if anyone wants to see the out of the box install, it is at:
    The gallery is at the side in the blogroll section. I don’t know how long this will be up, but I am now going to another url for my Coppermine install to see how that goes.

    My first impression of Gallery2 is good, but I don’t care for the way the gallery is shrunk down inside of WP. I don’t know if that is a setting, but I don’t feel like tweaking with it much. If anyone knows what I am talking about and knows the solution, let me know.

    I don’t mind getting under the hood mind you, but I would rather a solution be close to what I am looking for out of the box. Off to the coppermine….

    spider-mitch :: I think it’s just a case of too many inherited font-size tags reducing the size of your Gallery text. Check the gallery CSS file for a font-size tag that is set to 0.8em or something like that and change it to 1.0em or 1.1em.

    spide-mitch, you are essentially there. You might try the WordPress Theme for gallery. Different Gallery themes work better in fixed width WP themes like Kubrick.

    Okay, I got side-tracked and I will return to gallery2 and make the above changes, just as soon as I get an install of coppermine up. I spent too much time last night trying to get jillij’s photon plugin to work. No luck. I keep getting the following error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: photon_convertfromutf8toiso() in /home/texasmotors/www/www/phpwebgallery/category.php on line 167

    I really like the phpwebgallery and wanted to get that plugin to work. I tried jillij 🙂

    Coppermine plugin questions: the current test version is 3.9, and stable is 3.3. Joey, I can’t find 3.7 anywhere, which is the first wp2.0 compatible release you mentioned. I assume 3.9 shouldn’t be too “unstable”. Anyone using that with wp2.0?

    Why I like the Coppermine and phpwebgallery vs. Gallery2 from this point is the interface. Forward, back, metadata, slideshow, really simple. Gallery2 has the drop-down sizing and info in the corner I don’t care for. That may be a setting I haven’t found yet, but I don’t like it out of the box. I should mention, my opinion of coppermine is based on others’ websites, so as soon as I get a copy up and running, then I can finalize all of this. Thanks as always for all the input.

    spider-mitch. It seems from your error that the relative path of wordpress from phpwebgallery is not properly set up (in For instance, in simple cases where you have http://blabla/phpwebgallery/ and http://blabla/wordpress/, you should set this relative path to ‘../wordpress/’

    Gallery2 font issue is a conflict between Gallery2 and WordPress (wpg2 plugin is not involved) To solve the conflict follow this fix How come my font Size in Gallery2 is so small?

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